Reza Aslan was just in hot water over name calling President Trump but we have a flashback to end all flashbacks on this jackwagon:

CNN reporter and Islamist apologist Reza Aslan did something outrageously unethical and disgusting during a report on a Hindu sect…HE ATE HUMAN BRAINS! Yes, this sect just so happens be eaters of humans aka CANNIBALS!

Aslan, an Iranian-born religious scholar, was with a group from the Aghori sect when he was invited to eat cooked brain tissue during a ritual.
Aslan, 44, met the Aghori in the holy Hindu city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, where they smeared the ashes from cremated human bodies on his face.

At one point during the flesh eating scene, the host threatens to behead him and then throws sh*t at him. Disgusting and totally immoral…

CNN must be desperate for ratings! You have to wonder who decided it was a good idea to run this on CNN.

Read more: Daily Mail

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