Just another day in the life of a thug rapper…


Things turned violent at a “Stop the Violence” charity basketball game Sunday in St. Louis, MO, after rapper Lil Wayne attacked and allegedly tried to spit on a referee, according to TMZ.

The entertainment news and gossip site reports “Weezy” was coaching the Young Money team with little success. He lost his cool on an official after a series of questionable calls in favor of the opposing team, which was led by a man named “Loose Cannon Slim,” who was also the event’s organizer.

Wayne allegedly charged at the official and even tried to spit on him before the rapper’s team chased the man away in an attempt to calm the situation.

Police were reportedly called to the scene, but no arrests were made.

WATCH Video here(Watch at the 45 second mark, as the big guy or woman? with a red basketball uniform assaults the referee because they didn’t like a call she made):

Some proceeds from the charity game went to “Put Down the Pistol,” an anti-gun-violence program based in St. Louis, TMZ reports.

According to the group’s website, Put Down the Pistol is an anti-gun violence program created to promote a “decrease in gun violence through the use conflict-resolution skills, leadership, and anonymous crime reporting.”

Via: Breitbart News

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