Welcome to “The Jungle” where refugees from middle eastern countries who are mostly Muslim, waited on the border of France and the UK in the city of Calais for the opportunity to win the entitlement lottery.

Muslim refugees tell British citizen journalists in video below that  they are trying to get to the UK or the United States from France. They boldly proclaim that they plan to enter these countries whether residents of England or the United States like it or not: “We will come anyway, if you agree or not.”

The Calais Jungle is situated just outside the Port of Calais, a city in northern France. It’s just across the English Channel from Dover and it the main ferry crossing point between France and England.

It was a large refugee and migrant camp which housed over 10,000 people.

There have been various camps around the French city of Calais since a reception facility known as Sangatte was founded there in 1999.

The camp became overcrowded and was shut down before the Jungle was opened up in 2002.

Most of the migrants living there come from conflict zones such as Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Sudan. With the exception of Iran and Somalia, every one of the countries that were part of Trump’s travel ban were represented by the “refugees” who lived in the Calais “Jungle” hoping for a chance to get to Great Britain, the country with the best economic benefits in Europe.

BBC – Scenes of immigrants trying to storm the Channel Tunnel, or climbing aboard lorries, show how desperate those who have fled to Europe are to get to the UK from France. One a migrant died on a freight shuttle through the tunnel.

Many want to claim asylum in the UK. Others want to enter the country incognito to remain as illegal workers. But what do migrants say is drawing them to the UK – and is the risk of prolonging their journey really worth it?

A Calais resident reveals what has really happened to the French who live in or near Calais since the invasion began.

Hamzei, from Afghanistan had this to say about the benefits in England: “I heard good news about England. They give you a house and some money to spend and live. And then they give them the opportunity to study, to have a good life.”

On October 27 2016, French officials announced that the Calais “Jungle” is now closed. On December 26, the UK Independent wrote about refugees returning to the “secret” camps near Calais in France, as they continue their quest to cross over into the UK.

A group of Britain First activists, including party leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen, visited Calais to see for themselves what is happening in the port and to speak to the migrants themselves to deter them from coming to Britain. Muslim refugees tell the activists they are looking to either get to England or the United States. They openly admit they are willing to break the law to get there. Watch:

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