Food processing plants have been destroyed across America at an alarming rate. Over the weekend, another plant was added to the casualty list. A massive chicken farm in Connecticut brought more than 100 firefighters out to battle the blaze Saturday. The firefighters attempted to contain the massive fire at the commercial egg farm in Bozrah.
The Hillandale Egg Farm may have lost as many as 100,000 chickens in the blaze. With egg shortages due to bird flu wiping out tens of millions of egg-laying hens and high prices already harming American consumers, the latest attack on the egg supply seems suspicious.
Many took to Twitter to share their concern over what appears to be an attack on American food systems. “No Random Coincidence!” one Twitter user said, sharing a photo of the massive blaze.


Tucker Carlson also warned about the strange spike in fires at American processing plants. He cited an ominous conversation that Joe Biden was part of that pointed toward reducing the food supply for U.S. citizens and the world.

In March of 2022, during a Brussels press conference, Biden said the sanctions he would place on Russia would cause food shortages around the world, including in the U.S. Tucker pointed out that Biden seemed nonchalant about the prospect of people starving, noting Biden said “it’s going to be real” while expressing very little concern. Biden then continued, “recounting a conversation he had with European allies. He told us all about it. When he met with the group, Biden said, they spoke about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.”

Tucker continued,

“We can’t know what Joe Biden was thinking, if anything, when he uttered those words in Brussels. We can only tell you what happened afterward.

Strange disasters began to beset food processors all over the United States. In April, the next month, the headquarters of one of this country’s largest organic food distributors was destroyed in a fire. Cause unknown. The next month, in a single week, actually, two separate private plane crashes took out two separate food processing centers. One plane hit a General Mills plant in Georgia. The other plane hit a food plant in Idaho. By the way, back in February, a boiler explosion obliterated a potato processing plant in Oregon and so on.

So even people who aren’t given to connecting the dots, who don’t think of themselves as conspiracy nuts, begin to wonder, “Is there something here?” But no one could tell. The Biden administration had no answers and no way to get to the answers because they had no data.”

Answers for why the food system in America appears to be under attack are not forthcoming and need more news coverage. Globalists in our government who are part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) have quickly predicted the food future they have in mind for the world, and it does not include eating chickens or eggs. The WEF believes humans can exist on bugs instead. Is the attack on the food system a way to push the agenda ahead by creating food shortages?
The EU just approved crickets, beetles, and mealworms in processed foods made for human consumption.

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