The coronation of a new king is a historical moment, one that world leaders flock to attend. So why, then, is Joe Biden opting out of King Charles’ coronation?
British Media personality Piers Morgan called out the U.S. on Twitter, saying, “Not impressed that President Biden @ POTUS has reportedly turned down his invitation to King Charles’ coronation. Huge moment in British history, and whatever you think of him, I’m certain Donald Trump would have gone if he were still President.”

Joe Biden reportedly turned down King Charles III’s coronation invitation set to take place on May 6.

According to Independent UK, the president is “not expected” to be in the UK to celebrate the monumental day. Sources indicate Biden will be sending someone in his place, possibly Jill Biden.

British ambassador to the US, Dame Karen Pierce, has apparently had cordial conversations regarding the historical event and historic decline according to inside sources. The Buckingham Palace aides reportedly have been told that Biden has previous commitments and is not available to attend the coronation.

The Biden’s traveled to the UK in September to join world leaders at a memorial for Queen Elizabeth II, so why are they not traveling for the coronation? Is it because Biden is incapable of associating with world leaders without showing signs of obvious decline?
And while there can be no doubt that Biden is in a health decline, the horrible decisions Americans are subjected to from his administration, such as leaving 7.1 billion dollars worth of world-class military equipment behind, appear to have a sinister plan at its root. America is being destroyed piece by piece by American leadership. While the Taliban flaunt their new stash, Biden and the decision makers behind him gave a flippant middle finger to the taxpayers at home who funded the equipment and will be required to fund the replacements.


Twitter is filled with comments, photos, and stories from uneasy Americans concerned at Biden’s incompetency. It appears in everything from handling classified documents to climbing airplane steps. Very few Americans believe in his ability to lead anything beyond a trip to the local ice cream shop.

Even Morgan Freeman spoke out on Tic Toc about the outrageous behavior we are witnessing, “You tell me what the hell is going on. Children are killed in the school, and this fool comes in talking about chocolate chip ice cream; what the hell is going on? I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband; we all know that fool; enough already. Get this guy outta there. Two years is enough. Everything costs more, everything is going down the drain, we’re being laughed at around the world, and this fool is talking about his ice cream.”


Emerald Robinson believes America’s decline has been planned. She tweeted about Biden’s regime saying it is filled with communists destabilizing America on purpose to usher in a one-world government.

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