Three weeks ago, Mehmet Oz was finally declared the winner of the contentious Republican primary for Pennsylvania’s vacant Senate seat.

Oz won by a historically narrow margin of 950 votes out of more than a million votes cast in the primary, beating businessman Dave McCormick by 0.1% and conservative activist Kathy Barnette, who won 24.7% of the vote.

Oz’s tight victory is largely credited to President Trump’s endorsement of him.  Trump actively involved himself in the campaign and frequently spoke on Oz’s behalf.

Oz was an early supporter of President Trump in 2016.  He was one of the first major television personalities to back him in an industry that is typically dominated by liberals.

Oz touted Trump’s endorsement both on his website and in most of his campaign advertisements during the Republican primary.

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After winning the primary, Oz has pivoted to downplaying Trump’s role in his campaign, removing the President from his website and not mentioning him in his most recent general election campaign advertisement.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

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Dr. Mehmet Oz, the television celebrity and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, had dropped former President Trump from his campaign content as the hotly contested Senate election enters the final stretch of the midterm cycle.

Trump was a central figure of Oz’s initial campaign, frequently appearing in his ads before any endorsement by Trump. Then, in mid-April, Trump offered an official endorsement of the television host turned politician. 

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