PRESIDENT OF FOX NEWS JAY WALLACE took a stand today against the Trump administration and President Trump for taking Jim Acosta’s press pass.

Acosta has repeatedly disrupted press conferences and shouted out questions when he was asked to stop. This not only disrupts the entire flow of the President’s efforts to answer questions it’s disrespectful to Acosta’s fellow reporters who would like to ask a question. The big problem with this latest incident is that Acosta really went over the line when he refused to give up the mic to a White House intern. He got into a tug of war with her and refused to let go even when the president asked numerous times to stop.

It’s very clear that Acosta’s goal is to disrupt and call attention to himself hoping to get his mug on the 6 o’clock news. Once again, this takes away from his colleague’s chances to ask questions.


Fox News President Jay Wallace just jumped into the fray with a statement in support of Acosta when most people would concur that Acosta is just a huge distraction taking away everyone’s freedom of speech by hogging the spotlight:

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Doesn’t “open exchanges” mean that everyone gets a turn to speak?

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