We’re gonna go out on a limb, and guess that Glenn Beck’s open hatred for Donald Trump will destroy his Tea Party and conservative base…

Glenn Beck was back on his game today. And that game is Trump bashing. In between the sophomoric jokes, the mindless banter, it was cutting edge conversation about how Donald Trump is a progressive.

Trump has taken a lot of “in-coming” as Rush Limbaugh famously pointed out following Donald’s campaign launch. And a ton of it has been from Glenn Beck.

Today, Beck decided to read an article by Rich Lowry entitled The Right’s Post Constitutional Moment. Lowry does a yeomen’s job lambasting Trump, the Tea Party and the right for falling for Trump’s brand of populism.

Who knew there would be a day when the Constitution would be used as a whipping boy for conservative geeks who like to lose elections. Lowry complains that Trump plans on using the same pen that Obama used to undo all of the president’s unconstitutional executive orders.


So is Lowry suggesting Trump go before congress? What Beck and Lowry are taking umbrage with is Trump’s willingness to use the eraser. They aren’t laws, their meaningless executive orders. Does that stuff need to stop cold turkey? Yes. But it will have to wait for Donald’s second term in office.

The inference here is that Trump supporters are the other side of the coin to Obama supporters. Our anger is justified, but we should be picking a pristine Constitutional scholar like Ted Cruz. Cruz may have a brain filled with rulings and arguments, but none of what he says connects to the average American voter. Trump connects on a level that no other candidate in my lifetime has managed to do.

And quite frankly that pisses Glenn Beck off to no end. All of his hard work talking about Freedom Works and orchestrating rallies. And then Trump comes along with a populist message that finally makes the GOP tent big enough to win an election. How dare someone relate to the common man.

Here’s Glenn Beck explaining how he’ll vote 3rd party (for Hillary) if Trump is the nominee:

What both Lowry and Beck miss is the fact that the average Joe has not studied the Constitution. They may tacitly approve of what’s in it, but they are more concerned about jobs, the economy and national security.

In addition, the article gets things wrong. Lowry claims that Trump wants to shut part of the internet down. Just some generic part. No mention of how Donald wants someone from Silicon Valley to surgically take out ISIS related sites.

Lowry goes on to praise Beck for earnestly exploring the founders with his audience. No offense, but Beck did us no favors. His show became a myriad of things that Beck, and Beck alone was interested in. We get it, Woodrow Wilson was a bad dude. Now, can we get on with fixing the damn country?

Here’s YouTube sensation and Tea Party darling, Wild Bill For America. He offers a scathing rebuke of Glenn Beck and his “hateful sabotaging of the Tea Party and Donald Trump:

Beck’s mind meld with Lowry on his show proves one thing. He would rather lose the election than win with Trump. He knows that Donald Trump will damage The Blaze brand and possibly put Beck back in the unemployment line.

It’s ludicrous to think that all of these veterans and military people who support Trump know nothing about the Constitution. And then there’s Ann Coulter. Sarah Palin. Jeff Sessions. Rick Scott. Ted Nugent. Michael Savage. Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh. And dozens of other Constitutional conservatives who support Donald Trump.

If you haven’t pulled the plug on your Blaze membership, it’s about time you looked into it. Glenn Beck’s personal animosity towards Donald Trump and his wife Melania have proven that he is not ready for prime time anymore. Via: Scorched Earth

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