The good news is the Clinton Crime Syndicate is finally starting to come apart at the seams. The bad news is socialist Bernie Sanders is gaining steam, Joe (the clown) Biden and “Fauxcahantas” (Elizabeth Warren) are patiently waiting in the wings…

arms up hillary

Hillary Clinton’s popularity is plunging among white women, a slice of Americans she desperately needs to win over if she is to become president.

A poll released Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News found that just 34 per cent of Caucasian females have a positive view of the former secretary of state. That figure has dropped 10 points in the last month.

Her ‘unfavorable’ number among the same group climbed by ten points. Now 53 per cent of white women in the U.S. simply don’t like her. Even in America’s suburbs, Clinton is ‘under water’ by five points, with more of those voters seeing her negatively than positively.

A similar dynamic is dogging her among college-educated white women, just 43 per cent of whom have a positive view of Clinton – compared to 47 per cent who view her unfavorably. A month ago she was in positive territory with that group, by a 51-38 margin.

Barack Obama won the White House on the strength of a massive groundswell of black voters – something that won’t likely repeat itself in 2016.

Clinton still posts strong numbers among blacks, but those statistics, too, are slipping.

Sixty-six per cent of them told pollsters that they view her favorably, compared with 15 per cent who disagreed. But a month ago the same question brought an 81-3 runaway love-fest.

Black voters overwhelmingly choose Democratic candidates, but large numbers of them might not be motivated to vote at all if the party doesn’t field a nominee whom they find appealing.

Clinton’s case for claiming the Oval Office is being hurt by growing scandals related to Clinton’s private email server, her role in burying bad news about the Benghazi terror attack just weeks before the last presidential election, and foreign donations to her family foundation.

Many Democrats have long hoped Hillary Clinton might expand Barack Obama’s electoral coalition by drawing in more white women voters.

‘There is no way you can say she’s in the same position this month compared to last month,’ said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who co-directs the WSJ/NBC News survey. ‘She’s been dented and she’s in a weaker position.’

The poll sampled opinions from 1,000 adults last week.
It also found that self-described ‘independent’ voters, those with no party affiliation who make up the crucial and uncommitted middle of the electorate, are solidly against Clinton on the favorable/unfavorable question, by a 27-52 margin.

Even with her baggage and dwindling support among a few key demographic groups, Clinton remains the Democratic Party’s odds-on favorite to be its presidential nominee.

Her closest competitor, self-described ‘socialist’ senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, trails her by a 59-25 margin when Democrats. But that number might also be soft: In June her 34-point spread over the raw-emotion populist Sanders was 60.

Via: Daily Mail

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