Uh Oh! Billionaire Green Guru Tom Stayer says he’d possibly back Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. His endorsement would be a huge boost for Hillary yet Mr. Stayer is holding off on that. Does he know that Hillary’s campaign is collapsing so he’s running from the scandal coming her way? Is Hillary’s House of cards tumbling down before us?

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer said he is not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton, and he would be open to supporting her main rival, Bernie Sanders, if he becomes the Democratic nominee for president.

One of the biggest Democratic donors, Steyer could help Clinton boost her standing among environmentalist activists who are a key constituency within the Democratic Party. Clinton is locked in tight races with Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire, which both have early nominating contests.

“Our real goal has been not to support any one candidate, but to emphasize and highlight the issue (of climate change) so that the candidates can lay out their solutions and so the American people can have a chance to make a decision,” Steyer said in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

After the Democratic Party picks its presidential nominee, that will change.


“We have always come out and supported the climate champion,” Steyer said. “The idea that for some reason we wouldn’t do that, I’d have to understand why in hell we didn’t. Because that has been our practice always.”


Steyer has been a longtime ally of Clinton’s. He held a fundraiser for her presidential campaign at his home in San Francisco in May. He was also an early supporter of Clinton’s during her 2008 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

There was no immediate reaction from the Clinton campaign to Steyer’s comments.

Steyer, 58, made his fortune through investments, some in fossil fuel energy, at Farallon Capital Management, the San Francisco-based hedge fund he founded in 1986.

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