In an ironic twist of politics Barack Obama has decided it would be wise to jump from his regular day job and hit the campaign trail for Hillary as she takes a “break from campaigning due to her diagnosis of pneumonia.” He said at a Pennsylvania Dem rally, “Hillary Clinton is steady and she is true. I need you to work as hard for Hillary as you did for me.”

This is actually the third rally that Obama has stood in at for Hillary and no one wants to address the fact that he is using taxpayers money to make these trips. So while Obama spins Hillary’s failures he is also committing acts that violate the American people.

Trumps party has a statement to make towards Obama about it that states many Republicans feelings on the matter:

“Shouldn’t you be at work?” it read. “President Obama would rather campaign for Hillary Clinton than solve major problems facing the country.”

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This is not the first time that Trump has had to point out the unethical actions of Obama abusing the taxation system. When Hillary and Obama took Air Force One for a spin to campaign was an event that he addressed.

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The biggest issue is this:  The Federal Election Commission personal contribution guidelines require campaigns to reimburse individuals $1,000 for travel expenses on behalf of presidential candidates. Individuals can also spend up to $2,000 for party-designated travel and be reimbursed, but the maximum of $3,000 the Clinton campaign would give back to the president pale in comparison to the total costs of operating Air Force One. Judicial Watch estimates the cost of keeping POTUS in the air at $206,000.

Lets not forget that the current administration has refused numerous times to make Obama’s travel expenses available to the public for his entire tenure in office.

So, while we have Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf harassing our Navy, Isis continuing their tirade across the middle east, hidden terrorist cells in on our own country, and an economy and society that are currently falling well below any level of secure that America has ever seen, Obama is playing substitute on ur dime for the most vile and hated woman in American history.

Yet while Hillary calls 3/4th of the country a basket of deplorables” and Obama claims that Repulicans are fanning “anger and hate,” he still stands at that podium and says that he has successes on diplomacy, health care, winding down the war in Afghanistan and reviving economy, which showed new strength Tuesday in a Census report documenting a jump in household incomes in 2015.

As someone who claims no title either way in the political game I for one am one American that is disgusted with the way in which Obama and Hillary have lied and destroyed this country time and time again.

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