A recent article I just happened to spot reporting on how men are wearing lingerie now had me thinking they might be more understanding of certain things women endure but who do you know that would wear men’s lingerie? 


The lines are really being blurred here and it’s just too bizarre. One thing that struck me in the New York Times was a statistic that says the purchase of “Granny Panties” is on the rise by 17%! So are the lines being blurred by feminism and efforts at gender neutrality? I don’t like it one bit and I’m sure there are lots of men who aren’t happy with the increase in sales of Granny panties…

Young women are increasingly embracing “granny panties” and spurning thongs, proving that now more than ever, women are dressing and shopping for themselves.

Beyond that, however, lies a notion even more exciting: a change in the way we wear underwear could be signaling a change in our perception of what is — and is not — beautiful.

The New York Times cites a 7 percent drop in the sale of thongs over the past year, compared to a 17 percent increase in sales of full-bottomed underwear.

Here’s a video of one confused guy trying to make sense of a pair of thong undies:

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