So as it turns out, Jamie Foxx has some unexpected opinions on Trump!

Texas Native Jamie Foxx has recently had a great experience with Trump supporting patriots. He shared his experience with during a podcast interview in April where he promoted his partnership with Brown Sugar bourbon

As Foxx went down to Destin Florida for some boating and R&R, he encountered Trump supporting patriots on Crab Island with whom he shared a drink and some laughs. He spent the whole day together with them out on the water and, at the end of the video, exclaims that “this is how America should be!” implying that unity and friendship with President Trump’s supporters is, in fact, a good thing. Go figure!

As Foxx went down to Florida, he told his friends “Listen, y’all gonna see some sh– you ain’t never seen before. I’m from Texas so these are my people.”

“We’re on a boat, a black boat…” he continued, “we’re the only black people on the water…Trump Flags”

His friends, seemingly began to get nervous but Jamie assured them that it was okay. “Relax, they’re southern–trust me.” He said.

In the water he encountered patriots playing “God Bless the U.S.A”  by Lee Greenwood, who seemed surprised to see Jamie Foxx there.

Upon making contact, they switched the music up to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” which also featured Foxx on the song.

“Y’all meet me in the middle of the water” Foxx told them. They ended up sharing a drink and spending the whole day together.

“This is how America should be, good old fashion kicking back and having a good time. I heard one of them go ‘I knew Jamie was a patriot!'” Foxx concludes.

But does this mean that Foxx has a secret affinity for President Trump?

Certainly, Foxx has shown at the very least an acceptance and kinship for southern patriots!

Hollywood actors are often afraid to show support for President Trump, so an explicit admittance that he loves the president is unlikely to come.

Some, Like Isiah Washington, display it more proudly.

As does noted conservative actor Kevin Sorbo:


Seriously, this man is a gold mine.

But it’s okay, Foxx, we know what you’re trying to say!

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