If you went to one of the Trump rallies then you’ll remember that the music was a great mixture of Opera, Pop and Rock classics. You could see young and old enjoying the music. It’s something that really sticks with you. We’ll never forget moments like an adorable toddler dancing at the West Palm Beach rally and so many others who bopped to the music at every Trump Rally we went to. Wouldn’t it be great to have the playlist and make a copy? Great memories!

In the video below, Kellyanne Conway discusses who Trump’s all time favorite artist is…Elton John! Could it be that Elton John will play at the inauguration?

Kellyanne Conway says Donald Trump cranked tons of music on the campaign trail, and didn’t let a little thing like an artist’s public disapproval stop him from enjoying any of it.
We got Trump’s campaign manager Thursday morning in D.C., where she told us who the Prez-elect listened to most leading up to the election … we gotta say, he’s got good taste.
As for all the musicians who’ve come out against Trump … well, Kellyanne says the Prez-elect has a way to reconcile that too. She even drops a hint on who might perform at his inauguration.

Via: TMZ

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