Is this a trend? We just reported on the Norwood case where a statue was spray painted black and the word “Allah” was written on it. Norwood and Burlington, Massachusetts are just 21 miles apart. 


Now this:

Police are investigating the vandalism of three religious statues at a Catholic church in Burlington.

Father Frank Silva at Saint Margaret’s Church in Burlington saw the destruction right away.

“I immediately noticed the head had been chopped off and as I got closer the hands had been broken off,” Father Silva said.


The statue of the blessed mother desecrated, her head knocked right off. But that’s not all, just up the hill, two more statues were vandalized as well.

Father Silva says, “The initial feeling was things have been violated in many ways, certainly from a religious and spiritual perspective.”

Parishioners can’t believe what they are seeing. Rick Abreu says, “It’s sad, disgraceful, disrespectful people who have no faith or no morals to do something like that.”
“It’s really sad that someone destroyed something that belongs to the church,” Paula Burke said.
Nine-year-old Olivia Abreu was upset when she heard and had to see it for herself. “I don’t like when people do things like that,” she said.

A disturbing crime, with few clues, that for Father Silva couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“We are on a high this Easter season,” Father Silva said. “To have something like this happen hits you right in the gut.”

Via: CBS

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