Proving what we already knew, loyalty to radical Islam first, female family members…dead last…literally.

AN ISLAMIC State (ISIS) jihadi has executed his own mother before a baying crowd after she urged him to flee the terror organization.

The rights group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) said 20-year-old Ali Saqr killed his 45-year-old mother Leena Al-Qasem for abandoning Islam.

The postal worker was executed outside the post office where she worked in the ISIS-held city of Raqqa as hundreds looked on.

It is believed she was shot with the Syrian Network for Human Rights reporting that her actual crime was “communicating with a third party”.

The brutal regime regularly carries out public executions with images of people being beheaded, shot and burnt posted online.

RBSS posted a picture of a man it claimed was Ali Saqir and an initial Tweet saying his mother was 35-years-old was later changed to say she was 45.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also confirmed the killing saying they had been able to document it.

The group said its activists were able to verify that the woman, from the city of al-Tabaqa, was sentenced to death under the pretext of “inciting her son to leave the Islamic State” with a view to fleeing from Raqqa.

She reportedly told her son that the coalition would “kill all members of the organisation” and he had to leave with her.

However, her son, a member of the murderous regime wich is also known as Daesh, reported his mother to ISIS leaders for apostasy and later carried out the savage killing.


The news emerged after it was revealed that well-respected journalist, Ruqia Hassan, was also executed by ISIS for writing about life in the beleaguered city of Raqqa.

The 30-year-old was accused of being a spy and was executed.

Via: UK Express


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