ISIS  has just called for stabbing from its jihadis:

ISIS Call for Stabbing Sprees a Nightmare Scenario for Stopping Terror Plots

Latest jihadist outreach explains how to pick a blade, what organs to aim for, and advises against ‘fully detaching’ heads

They want their followers to just randomly stab people. This is a pure case of terrorism and evil beyond belief. Below is the latest case of a random stabbing of two police officers in Belgium.

You have to love this denial from the investigators of stabbing of two police officers…they “suspect” this is terrorism. Really? Why can’t any case me a clearcut case of terror? The suspect even said he wanted to be a “good jihadi”. So does a good jihadi stab people?


Hicham D., the 43-year-old Belgian citizen who is accused of stabbing two police officers in Brussels, confessed to the attack, sources said Friday.

He said he committed the violent act on Wednesday because he “wanted to be a good jihadi,” a senior Belgian official, familiar with the case, told POLITICO.
Hicham D. was arrested shortly after the attack and Eric Van der Sypt, the prosecutor’s spokesperson, said investigators suspected it was a terrorist act.

On Thursday, Belgian police detained the attacker’s brother, who was identified as Aboubaker D., a 46-year-old Belgian, who was captured during a search of the apartment, where Hicham D. had lived.

A statement from the prosecutor’s office on Friday said that the investigative judge has placed the attacker’s brother, under arrest after charging him with participation in activities of a terrorist group.

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Via: PoliticoEU

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