Pittsfield, New Hampshire is an unlikely place for something like an ISIS flag to show up. That’s why neighbors were shocked when the terrorist flag appeared in a local neighborhood hanging from a fence near the town dam and river. Police immediately removed the flag from the fence which was on state property.

JUST AN FYI: In the past 5 months, the state department has settled 290 Muslim refugees in New Hampshire.

Pittsfield, NH has been designated a “welcoming city” which is code for BRING ON THE REFUGEES! If you want to know the number of refugees who have come to your town in the past 5 months, please go here: WRAPSNET

Authorities are working with the FBI and have questioned a person of interest in this effort to flaunt a terrorist symbol. The local authorities are now working with the FBI to “determine if a crime was actually committed”

This chart is ridiculous! Why are these people still here? Why should Americans have to put up with having ISIS anywhere near us?

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The Pittsfield Police Chief had this to say about the flag: “Giving what that flag represents, it understandably caused public alarm and concern. The flag itself is probably going to be protected under freedom of speech.”

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Neighbors are responding by flying American flags outside of their own homes.

So what re we supposed to do about this “person of interest”? Will they now be on a “watch list”? It would be great to know more about this individual and their background.

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