ISIS released a new video yesterday, where they threatened America and every other country they identify as the “infidel.” Meanwhile, we have a “Commander In Chief” who still refuses to identify them as “terrorists” or admit ISIS is actually fighting a holy war.

I don’t know…maybe we’re misunderstanding their message, but we’re pretty sure they mention several times throughout the video that they are fighting a war for Allah…

Their latest video is pretty repulsive and we don’t normally share their propaganda, but we thought is was worth viewing, given our “President’s” insistence on convincing the world that “ISIL is not Islamic.”

Here’s the “JV team’s” latest video. You be the judge.  Are these evil beings waging a holy war, or are they as Obama said only two days ago, just “bad guys with guns and good social media?”

Here’s what Obama has to say about “ISIL” in 2014:

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Do you ever wonder why Barack Obama refers to ISIS as “ISIL” when every terror expert refers to them as “ISIS?” Click HERE for the entire story.


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