Samy Amimour, one of the three gunmen who killed at least 89 in the Bataclan concert hall, was placed on a watch list of potential terrorists after attempting to travel to Yemen three years ago.
The 28-year-old former bus driver was placed under judicial supervision following an attempt to travel to the region in 2012.
But French police issued an international arrest warrant the following year, after he went missing and was suspected of having travelled to Syria to join Islamic State. Via: Telegraph UK

The unidentified neighbor of terrorist, Samy Amimor can be seen explaining why he thinks this young Muslim man became a member of ISIS. He claims he was out of work. He became very angry and started going to the mosque more and more. The next thing he knew, his Muslim neighbor was traveling to Syria. And well…the rest is history. Apparently the terrorist’s neighbor has been listening to Obama. Poor Muslim terrorist…if he only had a job he wouldn’t have helped to murder 89 innocent people…

There’s one small problem with this statement. If Islam is a “religion of peace,” how is it that as this disgruntled, unemployed Muslim man, whose visits to the mosque became more and frequent, led him to Syria where he became a member of ISIS? Isn’t ISIS considered as one of the most violent groups in the world? Why would his more frequent visits to the mosque drive him to such a hateful group?  

Watch the interview here:

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