Rep. Gaetz argued earlier this week that he believes that Twitter may have illegally donated to the campaigns of his opponents by prejudicing against his content and limiting his social media visibility. An investigation from the far-left Vice Magazine found that only conservatives users were being subjected to the Twitter search limiting that impacted Gaetz.

The tech company has denied that they are shadowbanning conservatives while admitting to limiting the visibility of certain accounts. In May, the company began using “behavior-based signals” to determine which accounts should be limited and which ones should be boosted “to improve the health of the public conversation on Twitter.” – The Gateway Pundit

OutspokenCongressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is no longer willing to sit back and watch tech giants censor his message, he’s filed a complaint against Twitter with the FEC.

Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on the Tucker Carlson show tonight to explain why he filed a complaint against Twitter with the FEC.

“My suspicion is that if people were effectively communicating a conservative message, they got caught in Twitter’s toll-trap. The reason that I think that is illegal is because that it gives advantages to our political opponents. It gives them access to a platform that we don’t have. If Twitter was a billboard company and they gave Democrats access to their billboards and not Republicans, that would be an illegal corporate donation to campaigns of Democrats.” 

Tucker asked if Gaetz believes the FEC can remedy this? Gaetz explained that Twitter said in their official response that it was his behavior that caused them to limit his visibility. Gaetz asked, “Are we really going to trust tech companies to be able to just decide with no transparency, what behavior limits someone’s ability to amplify their message?”

Tucker reminded Congressman Gaetz and his viewers that Twitter is actually a small player in the world of tech censorship. Tucker explained how Google has way more power to have a huge effect on our society.

Tucker asked why Congress isn’t doing anything to break up these tech monopolies?  Sadly, Gaetz admits that most members of Congress just don’t understand the gravity of the censorship issue.



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