Clifton Park, New York is the latest school to succumb to Muslim prayer rooms. We’ve documented this trend across America of Islam creeping into the schools. The latest case in San Diego of Sharia Law being taught in the classrooms has ended up in court:

FEDERAL LAWSUIT Filed Against San Diego School District’s Pro-Islam, Pro-Sharia Law Policy

One question should be asked with this infiltration of Muslim prayer in our schools: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE OTHER RELIGIONS THAT HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM DOING ANYTHING CLOSE TO PRAYING IN SCHOOL?  

The largest school district in Saratoga County says it will allow Muslim students to pray in rooms in at its’ high school.

The Shenendehowa High School Principal says classrooms are being set aside so Muslim students can pray during Ramadan.
Since then, we’ve heard from parents who are against the move.

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One parent sent us a letter explaining her concerns saying:
“Since prayer for other religions was removed from school years ago, I feel as Shen has crossed the line on allowing this on campus.”
Some folks we talked to in Clifton Park agreed, like David Chapleau.
“You just can’t bring religion into a public institution where were really trying to teach kids to the idea of opening their critical faculties,” Chapleau said.
The woman’s outcry is in response to an email from the Shenendehowa High School Principal to students and parents. It addresses the month of Ramadan, a time of fasting and prayer for Muslims. It says, in part:

“Prayer occurs on a daily basis for practicing Muslims. This can be challenging in today’s modern public high school. In an attempt to make reasonable accommodations for students and employees to meet their personal religious obligations, room 65 in High School West and room 109 in High School East have been set aside so students can incorporate this important aspect of their religion into their daily activities while at school.”
The letter explains two classrooms will be set aside for students to meet their religious obligations during school hours.
A school spokesperson says the decision was made after the high school principal met with the leader of a local mosque in an attempt to improve the school’s cultural proficiency. She says the school can’t refuse a student’s request to leave class for required prayer, and says the space allows Muslim students to return to class quickly after praying.

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