Two key points to take away from the frightening report below:

A gun for protection while in the home is a great idea. Home intrusions can happen anytime, so it’s a great idea to have a weapon available. Another thing to consider is that defunding the police would cause a delay in their arrival in an emergency. This mom was lucky that nothing happened in the 10 minutes it took for the police to arrive. What if there weren’t police officers available until 20, 30 minutes later?

Tennessee mom Keane Winchester (pictured below), 26, and her son, 2, were at home when an intruder came banging on the door.

Winchester grabbed her son and barricaded herself in an upstairs bathroom.

The intruder used his fists to break into the house. He grabbed a log and used it to break a window and climb inside the home.

“And then once I realized he was in my house screaming, I barricaded the bathroom door and had my baby there trying to get him to just be calm and relax while I was calling the cops.”

The Daily Mail video below:

Winchester called the police, who arrived 10 minutes later and arrested the man.

She posted an update on Facebook saying she couldn’t forget what happened and how close this was to something worse:

“Every time I close my eyes, I relive the whole situation,’ the woman wrote. ‘Over and over and over again. Any loud noise around me scares me. I’m constantly watching my surroundings and anyone that makes a move. He didn’t just break into our house… he absolutely broke my insides.”



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