In addition to calling out Dr. Fauci for suddenly announcing that COVID is “starting to plateau” only two days after Biden’s inauguration. One tweet by “Scarey,” beautifully reminds everyone how quickly some of the most iron-fisted Democrats have suddenly loosened restrictions on the citizens and visitors of their states now that President Trump has left the White House.

Only two days after Joe Biden’s inauguarion, and the now very optimistic Dr. Fauci has announced that COVID may be about to plateau in the United States.

Hmmm…interesting timing.

Michigan’s iron-fisted Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that restaurants in her state will finally be able to reopen for indoor dining, but only at 25% capacity and they must close by 10 pm, (because apparently, COVID only spreads after 10 pm). It’s estimated that over 30% of restaurants in Michigan will permanently close due to the horrendous restrictions by Michigan’s far-left governor.

New York’s tyrannical Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is expanding COVID testing in his so-called bid to reopen restaurants. The announcement comes only one week before Biden’s inauguration.

After shutting down restaurants and bars in the days leading up and including the day of January 6 massive Stop the Steal rally in DC, Washington DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser has now announced that she will reopen indoor dining only two days after Biden’s inauguration.


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