Republicans and increasingly Independents and Democrats have grown impatient with the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

The entire country, including Democratic cities such as New York and Washington D.C have experienced a major influx in illegal immigrants in the past year as the United States saw a record number of illegal border crossings last year and in Fiscal Year 2022.

The disaster at the border is made worse by Biden’s policies, which include his attempt to repeal Title 24, a pandemic-era order that allows for the expedited deportation of illegal immigrants.

New York mayor Eric Adams publicly criticized Biden on Tuesday morning, calling the border crisis a ‘real embarrassment’ and demanding that the President and Congress work on immigration form that will quell the chaos at the border.

FOX News Reports

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday called the migrant crisis that he says is overwhelming the Big Apple a “real embarrassment” on a national level as he claimed that there is “no more room at the inn” in the self-described sanctuary city.

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Adams was asked about the migrant crisis that has reached into New York City as tens of thousands of migrants have made their way — including by bus — to the city in recent months.

“It’s a real embarrassment, I believe, on a national level, and we must have an appropriate response. We have had conversations around the issues on migrants for decades. This is a national issue. It must have a national response,” he said on WABC’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning.”

The host, Sid Rosenberg, responded by calling it a “Biden issue” and a “Democrat” issue.


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