The Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) has begun training teachers to promote gender “fluidity” starting in elementary school, and encourages them to keep students’ gender identities and struggles a secret from their parents.

Videos and documents from the LGBTQ Students Project training program that took place in preparation for the 2021-22 school year were obtained by various news outlets, including City Journal and the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The training program suggests that the West has manufactured the idea that “gender is binary” in order to oppress racial and sexual minorities.

The Department of Education also gives the ridiculous and completely inappropriate instruction that teachers stop using “gendered language” like “boys and girls,” and instead use gender-neutral terms like “earthlings,” “people with penises,” and “people with vulvas.”

MDOE encourages a high level of secrecy in their training program, telling teachers to create “Gender & Sexuality Alliance” clubs for students as young as elementary school. The educators are instructed to keep these clubs hidden from parents, and use fake names so the parents won’t find out and shut them down.

All of the pressure to keep parents out of the loop will likely encourage the students themselves to develop a distrust of their parents and make them believe that their parents won’t have their best interests at heart.

In one of the training videos, Kim Phillips-Knope, the project lead of the MDOE LGBTQ Students Project, insists to Michigan’s educators that children know their gender identity around 3 years old, and instructs educators to secretly facilitate the sexual transition of young students.

Kim Phillips-Knope

At one point, an educator asks about a young student who told her that she wanted to use the pronouns “she/he/they/them.” One of the “trainers” holding the webinar said, “Go with what the kid says. They’re the best experts on their lives.”

Clearly, the child that told the educator this has no idea what pronouns are and was just regurgitating what she has been hearing. Children of such a young age are impressionable and unsure of themselves and the world around them. They are not experts on anything.

While many parts of the webinars/training sessions are disturbing and encourage complete secrecy from parents, perhaps the most disturbing is when Phillips-Knope tells the educators to keep a child’s struggle with gender identity a secret from their parents, even if the child becomes suicidal.

“You know, if you’re sort of into that area of like, you’re gonna hurt yourself or somebody else, and you have a duty to report – I mean, the law is really clear about that,” says Phillips-Knope. “You can also talk to parents though… about ‘your kid is having suicidal thoughts’ without outing them, without saying why.”

“You can say ‘We have some concerns. Your child has shared this.’ I would a thousand percent recommend working with the student to let them guide that process,” she added.

So, the MDOE is training educators to keep parents so far in the dark about their own children that they aren’t even informed if their kid is suicidal. The teachers can express concern to the parents but are discouraged from sharing the full truth with them because apparently, the teachers should take the child’s life into their own hands. Somehow these educators think because they support LGBTQ initiatives, they are more fit to care for their students than the actual parents.

This kind of policy could result in children taking their own lives, which otherwise could have been stopped by allowing parents to take the proper actions and get their children the help they need.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Yael Levin, the CCO and CTO of No Left Turn in Education, expressed her deep concern with the disturbing training program being supported by the state of Michigan. “We are watching the government conspiring to undermine parents. And when I, as a parent, see this, it destroys whatever little trust I had left in the public school system. These officials are actively working to separate children from their parents,” said Levin.

“This trend of hiding life-altering behaviors from parents could end in tragedy,” Levin added. “When I was in high school, I was struggling with anorexia. I reached out to my school counselor. The counselor then reached out to my parents and arranged for a program for me to help me. Of course, I was angry at the counselor and my parents at the time. But the counselor was doing what her job required of her, and her actions saved my life.”

Parent intervention saves lives. Teacher intervention is nowhere near as effective, and teachers should not claim overarching authority over the lives of their students. It is beyond narcissistic and idiotic for these educators to think they are better equipped to save a child from suicidal thoughts than their own parents are… all to preserve their secret LGBTQ-based education initiatives.

This is truly sickening and will have catastrophic effects on the well-being of the children exposed to these new systems of education.

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