As the years pass, people are doing more and more horrible things to themselves like severe mutilation to deny your gender. Of course, they might not look at it in those terms but most sane people wouldn’t go to the extremes to be a “nonbinary” person. It’s funny because we have people pretending to be a different race and people pretending to be a different or neutral gender. The world really has gone mad…

This is just so wrong on so many levels. This woman is severely disturbed. Author Lore Graham has now classified herself as a “nonbinary” person with no gender. She had her breasts, uterus, cervix and ovaries removed after taking testosterone. Now, her body is evidently in harmony with her mind and is just as screwed up. What kind of doctor would do this for a patient? If I were a doctor, I would have refused on the grounds that the patient wasn’t mentally stable and that it would actually hurt the patient in the long run. Graham needs serious mental help. What she has done now can’t be undone and she’ll have to live with it. If she can that is. If she ever regains mental equilibrium, she may find that hard to do.

From Mad World News:

With the exception of rare genetic abnormalities, everyone who walks the earth is considered one of two genders — male or female. Well, that was until an unsatisfied woman from Boston, Massachusetts decided that she hated being a gender and did the unimaginable to her body – and it wasn’t a sex change.
Author Lore Graham is a self-described “nonbinary” person, or rather, someone who chooses not to be defined by a gender. Although she was born a female, she always despised her breasts, ovaries, and uterus. Instead of accepting her gender, she decided to do something rather extreme about it.
“I felt weird having breasts and I despised my body’s ability to get pregnant,” Lore explained, according to IJ Review. “I started taking testosterone three years ago, which improved my mental health and body image but didn’t solve the problem of my chest or uterus.”
Although the testosterone helped her body, she still felt out of harmony. In order to achieve happiness, she underwent both a mastectomy and hysterectomy this summer, ridding her body of the pesky breasts and uterus she was born with.
On the day of the mastectomy in June, Lore was concerned that she may still be unhappy with the way she looked after the procedure. You would think that someone undergoing such a major surgery, especially an elective one, would be certain that what they were doing was the right move. After all was said and done, Lore was relieved and happy with her boyishly flat chest.
A month later, Lore underwent the second procedure — the removal of her uterus, cervix, and ovaries. Everything went well, and Lore only complained that her “abdomen hurt but luckily my vagina didn’t, and the doctor said everything had gone swimmingly.” Well, that was until she was required to pee before she was discharged from the hospital. Unfortunately, due to the procedure, she temporarily couldn’t urinate on her own. After spending some time dealing with the hassle of a catheter shoved in her urethra, she made a full recovery, much to her delight.
Lore is very pleased with her newly surgically mutilated body.
“If desired, I put on a shirt. That’s it. No bras, no binders, no support or compression, no back pain, no worrying about what type of shirt, nothing,” explained Lore, according toDaily Mail. “I live in my own body, that I’ve customized to better harmonize with my brain, and it’s working wonderfully.”
That says a lot doesn’t it? Let’s repeat that, “customized to better harmonize with my brain.” Yet, the liberal left denies that what Lore and people like her are experiencing is a mental disorder. In what other circumstance would cutting off appendages or ripping out organs unnecessarily “to better harmonize” with the brain not be considered a psychiatric disorder?

Unfortunately, our world has become a place where you can pick and choose whether you want to be male, female, or neither, and obvious mental issues are ignored in the name of political correctness. What happened to enjoying and being thankful for the body God gave you and addressing psychiatric disorders when they present themselves, rather than denying them as to not offend the disturbed?
What’s with the androgynous craze? It’s just sick, twisted and perverted. Not only that, the government is promoting it and pushing it on children. Whatever freakish perception this woman has of herself, she is still a woman. God made her that way and rather than learning to accept and embrace her identity, she is butchering it. What? Because she didn’t want to wear a bra? She wanted to go shirtless? Move to France… you could have saved yourself a bunch of money and pain. I wonder if she realizes by doing this she has significantly reduced her life expectancy. I wonder if a doctor even bothered to tell her that. I don’t know why she is concerned with the way she looks, she is way past that burden. I can’t believe no one intervened for this poor, delusional woman.

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