If you think this can only happen in Europe, think again.

A Dutch man was arrested for wearing a pig hat during one of the anti-Muslim invasion protests:

The leader of the anti-Islamification of Europe Pegida movement in the Netherlands, Edwin Wagensveld, has been arrested for wearing a furry hat in the shape of a pig’s head, Dutch media have reported.


Wagensveld was, according to the police, engaging in “provocative behavior” by wearing the joke hat, which is widely available at party shops and is normally worn by children.

The arrest, which demonstrated how little freedom of speech is left in Europe, occurred during a protest in the town of Ede organized by Pegida Netherlands against the planned arrival of 1,400 “asylum seekers” there.
The protest, which was completely peaceful, attracted several hundred local supporters, and a large police presence.


Wagensveld’s wife came to the meeting wearing the hat. A police officer instructed her to take it off, whereupon her husband grabbed it and put it on his head.

Police then told him to take it off, but he refused, saying that that it was “just a children’s thing. There is no text; it is not offensive.”

The police then arrested him, and manhandled the press out the way as they took him to the local police station where he was locked in a cell.

There, he was visited by the local state prosecutor, who questioned him and then ordered him released.
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