Human metapneumovirus (HMPV) is the deadly virus most people do not know exists. HMPV can cause bronchitis and pneumonia and plagued the United States during the Spring season, causing issues for young and old alike.

According to Doctors, the deadly virus spiked went undetected in most cases since the only patients tested were those who went to the hospital for treatment. The Daily Mail is reporting that most children have experienced the virus by age 5. The symptoms include coughing, runny nose, sore throat, and fever. In more serious cases, patients have difficulty breathing and may suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia.
Babies and seniors are the most at risk of developing serious issues from the virus. HMPV is spread like colds through person-to-person contact.
Pediatrician Dr. John Williams, from the University of Pittsburgh, has researched vaccines and treatments for HMPV and called HMPV “the most important virus you’ve never heard of.” Research from 2020 found that more than 16 million cases of HMPV infection impacted children under the age of five. The virus caused a tremendous spike in hospitalization at 600,000 cases and contributed to over 16,000 deaths.
HMPV was first discovered in 2001 by Dutch medical researchers. The researchers found the virus after studying children who were suffering from unexplained respiratory issues. Strangely the virus closely resembles bird flu called avian metapneumovirus, and researchers determined that both viruses were closely related. Hopefully, this is not an indication that gain of function research was being utilized.
Former CDC Director Robert Redfield said he is friends with Tony Fauci and that they had been colleagues for forty years, and he believes Fauci thinks he is working in the best interest of people when he tampers with gain of function research. He went on to warn that this type of experimentation is likely to cause a bird flu epidemic.

He said the US government funded gain of function research through the NIH, the State department, and the DOD and that it should be banned. “I am a strong advocate for a moratorium on gain of function research.” He went on to say he believed Covid-19 was more than likely a consequence of science. He said he believes there will be another pandemic and that it would be “the great pandemic” and would spill over as a result of gain of function research.  Gain of function research has broken the species barrier that prevented viruses from transferring from animals to humans.

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