Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was called out today during a press conference for chuckling after a reporter asked a question.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is the only reporter in the White House press conferences who pushes back on Psaki. Softball questions are the norm, but today, Doocy shook things up by asking a critical question.

He asked how schools could be closed for American children, yet the facilities for illegal kids are open and full. Psaki tried to laugh it off, but Doocy called her out on the brush off by saying, “It’s not funny.” Psaki condescendingly said, “….let’s take a responsible approach to the two issues.” That’s an interesting comment because Biden creating chaos at our southern border is the antithesis of a “responsible approach.”

Psaki is laughing at the question like the effects these issues have on American citizens are a joke.



Idiotic Policies: Closed Schools and Open Borders

A guest post by Gen Z Conservative of the Blue State Conservative – Based on how Democrats are still talking about the Chinese Flu, you’d think it was the most dangerous disease ever to exist. That’s what justifies the mask mandates, the social distancing, keeping closed schools closed, continued business lockdowns that are devastating small businesses, and all the other ridiculous Covid policies that conservatives (rightly) abhor.

They have used our fear of Covid to transform American society at most every level radically. We used to think of ourselves a freedom-loving people. We talked about liberty, pledged that we would defend our natural rights from the predations of a power-hungry government, and honored the founding fathers’ memory.

Now, most Americans meekly sit around and comply with tyrannical government diktats. If the powers-that-be say to keep small businesses closed while Walmart remains open, most people mindlessly comply. If they say to wear a mask, most people put on a mask. If they say that nursing homes must admit Covid-infected seniors while, in the meantime, schools have to remain closed, the sheep on the left and in the center mindlessly nod along.

And the worst aspect, by far, of the government’s Covid policy, is closing the schools. Thanks to the current state of Biden’s Covid policy, closed schools dot the landscape. Young Americans should be studying and learning, building friendships, and making memories. Instead, they’re stuck at home. At the very best, they’re actually watching Zoom and trying to learn.

But, as anyone who has spent time on Zoom knows, staying focused on it for more than brief bursts is all but impossible. Seven hours on it as a young kid? Forget about it. It’s not happening. Because the Biden Administration is in thrall to the abominable teachers’ unions, unions organized against students and their parents, I might add, closed schools have stayed closed. Lazy teachers are resisting going back to work, and our students are suffering.

They claim it’s because of Covid, but any clear-thinking person can see it’s all for nothing. Here’s what the City Journal had to say:

“Today, school officialsteachers, and pundits question if schools should reopen this fall, or at all if the pandemic continues, which presumably means no school until fall 2021 at the earliest. The debate isn’t limited to the U.S., either. Bolivia, for example, just canceled its school year.

There is no reason to cancel school, however. Health experts suggest delaying school re-openings in hard-hit areas until the virus is under control—with luck, by early fall. They encourage states with low infection rates to open on time. So far, there is no correlation between school openings and infection levels. Despite high infection rates, Florida plans to reopen public schools in the next few weeks, while New York City, which now has among the lowest rates in the country, will apparently proceed with its plan for children to attend school perhaps only one day a week—though much uncertainty remains. Chicago schools, meantime, won’t open until November, at least.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stressed that reopening is critical for children’s emotional and educational development. There is also an overwhelming economic case to be made in favor of reopening. In fact, the cost of not reopening schools will last a generation. The benefits of universal education are so deep and well-documented that it’s unthinkable to consider discounting it for another semester. Education is the most effective means of economic mobility and is critical for long-term success. It explains much of America’s income growth and development in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Today, moreover, schools provide important child-care services. As Goldman Sachs found, if schools don’t open, an estimated 15 percent of America’s labor force can’t return to work.

 The negative effects of closed schools will be profound and generational. Economists reviewed the loss of earnings from school disruptions during World War II in Austria and Germany. They found that missing a year of school means 9.4 percent to 16.2 percent lower earnings for up to 40 years, with bigger losses for children with less-educated parents. More recent estimates from 139 countries indicate a year of schooling increases earnings by 9 percent.”

Keeping the closed schools closed is all for nothing. Covid doesn’t kill kids, and they don’t pass it to their teachers. But to the Covid tyrants, that doesn’t matter. They want to control and are using Covid as their excuse to seize it.

In the context of his open borders policies, Biden’s school closure policies make no sense. Right now, thousands of migrants are streaming across the border. 11 Iranians were just caught trying to sneak into the nation. Biden’s team sent a “release them all” email to ICE. We have no idea who these people are, what they want, or, hell, even if they have Covid!

You’d think that during a supposed pandemic, a time where we’ve kept schools closed for almost a year, we’d at least try to stop people from pouring across the border.

Nope, not Biden! His open border policies practically encourage millions of illegals to stream into America, and his administration’s policies are letting them come.

Covid has particularly hard hit Mexico. Now, I don’t take the virus seriously. I think it’s a slightly worse version of the flu. But Democrats ostensibly do. They’ve upended society to fight the phantom menace of the Chinese Flu. Why, then, are they encouraging tens of thousands of potentially infected people from a nation with a high infection rate to cross the border? Why, then, are they having in-person classes for illegal immigrant children?

Because it’s not about Covid, it’s about controlling you and treading on your rights. Don’t let them. Fight to reopen closed schools. Our students desperately need your help.

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