Ivanka Trump and Apple’s Tim Cook visited Wilder Elementary School in Idaho this morning and got the cold shoulder from the high school next door. The high school students staged a protest…

Apple had generously donated an iPad to EVERY STUDENT AND TEACHER in the low-income Idaho district in 2016.

High school students next door staged a walkout to protest. They say they walked out of class to complain. Yes, they complained about being given free iPads!

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You won’t believe this:

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Daily Mail reports:

They said that the iPads had made their lessons completely self-guided. The students said they now only interact with teachers during quizzes or while advancing to the next section.

Huh? Is that Tim Cook’s fault? That would be something to take up with the teachers and principal.

Thirty other protesters gathered at the school to protest Trump’s immigration policies, chanting ‘stop gassing babies!’

The good news is that  a dozen supporters screamed ‘We love Trump!’

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