The J6 committee has taken a short break from filming their overly-scripted, poorly viewed political drama. The committee plans to reconvene in September, hoping to drum up enough interested viewers to affect the outcome of the upcoming November elections.
The proceedings so far have lacked integrity and honesty. Witnesses and their “evidence” have not undergone cross-examination. Instead, the committee has functioned like a third-world kangaroo court, mocking our justice system.

The Epoch Times carefully reviewed the transcripts from the previous eight hearings. They found that the committee is guilty of omitting evidence that would exonerate President Trump, fabricating evidence, exaggerating the violence of the protestor, using hearsay as evidence, and outright lying. Yet the Capitol Police and Democrats refuse to release the footage and also emails showing the actual events surrounding January 6. The question is, why go to such lengths to hold an investigation while hiding evidence that would clear up questions about what took place around the capital?

One example of outright lying cited in the transcripts involves alleged violence against law enforcement:

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“CLAIM: While Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) excoriated Trump for not calling off the Capitol rioters earlier, he claimed they were “savagely beating and killing law enforcement officers,” according to the transcript of his remarks from the prime-time July 21 hearing, carried live by the networks.

FACT: No police officer was killed during the riot.”

Representative Louie Gohmert is looking for a way to force the Democrats to release that email and video footage, citing the US law code.


Gohmert said, “They have thousands of hours of evidence” but are not providing exculpatory evidence for the trials of January 6 detainees. He went on, “We requested all the video from the capitol police, and it is worth fighting for because we need to know all the truth.”

Louie Gohmert and fellow Representatives sent this letter showing that the law enables them to obtain information regarding any Capitol Police operation:

When asked about the next steps, Gohmert replied

“If they don’t respond quickly, I think we do need to take legal action,” he said. “If they respond and say, ‘you’re not entitled to it, we’ve ignored lots of laws already and this is just one more law we’ll ignore,’ then we have got to—for the sake of the country, for the sake of our justice system and for the sake of truth—stand up and hold the Justice Department accountable for their violations of the law.”


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