You’d think that after countless investigations, special councils, and media spectacles, the hunt for something—anything—against Trump would have died down.

But no, here we are, in 2023, and it seems like desperation has reached its peak. The evidence?

A search warrant… for Trump’s Twitter account.

Yes, you heard it right.

His Twitter.

If this isn’t clutching at straws, then I don’t know what is.

It’s almost comical.

But let’s dissect this circus act, shall we?

Jack Smith, the Special Counsel, pulls the trigger early this year, demanding a deep dive into Trump’s Twitter, presumably hunting for some cryptic tweet that could nail the former president.

But here’s the kicker: Twitter, or “X” as it’s now known (perhaps trying to distance itself from its own past?), initially resisted. In a move that had the makings of a courtroom drama, Twitter slammed down a sealed court case, trying to stop an order that would prevent them from giving Trump a heads up about this warrant.

They’ve had their issues, but on this?

Tip of the hat to them.

And as you delve deeper into this tale, the saga gets even more peculiar.

Twitter was slapped with a whopping $350,000 contempt sanction for not dancing to the tune quickly enough. Three days they took, and for that delay?

Three hundred and fifty grand.

If that doesn’t scream desperation, the reason given for the haste surely does: they feared Trump might “destroy evidence.”


We’re talking about tweets here.

Public tweets.

But Twitter didn’t back down.

They appealed.

And rightly so.

Their argument?

They believed in their right to communicate with their subscriber, the former President.

More than that, they felt Trump had a right to know.

Because, if he didn’t know, how could he assert executive privilege?

A valid point, when you think about it.

This isn’t just about tweets; it’s about constitutional rights.

So, what’s the takeaway?

After all the investigations, the legal battles, and the media frenzy, it seems the best they could come up with is trawling through Trump’s tweets.

If this doesn’t scream “desperation,” then I’m not sure what does. It’s clear to see, even for those on the fence, that this is less about justice and more about a never-ending witch hunt.

The question is, how much longer will this charade continue?

And at what cost to the credibility of those behind it?

CNBC confirms the search warrant for President Trump’s Twitter account:

Special counsel Jack Smith, at the beginning of 2023, obtained a search warrant for the Twitter account of Donald Trump as part of his criminal investigation into the former president’s effort to reverse his loss in the 2020 election, a federal appeals court decision revealed Wednesday.

Twitter, now known as X, initially delayed turning over materials sought by that warrant, and had filed a sealed court case seeking to block an order barring the social media giant from telling Trump anyone else about the warrant.

The appeals court ruling says Twitter completed its production of Trump’s account information for Smith’s office on Feb. 9.

The 34-page decision also upheld a lower court judge’s $350,000 contempt sanction on Twitter for failing to comply with the warrant until after a three-day deadline.

Smith’s office had argued, and the lower court judge agreed, that if Twitter notified Trump of the warrant’s existence it would put the investigation at risk and give him a chance to destroy evidence that was sought by the warrant, according to the decision.

Twitter appealed the contempt ruling and the nondisclosure order, arguing that it violated the company’s free speech rights under the Constitution’s First Amendment to communicate with “its subscriber,” Trump.

And Twitter argued that by keeping the warrant secret from Trump, he would be unable to shield communications made using his Twitter account from prosecutors by asserting executive privilege.

Isn’t it always fascinating when the plot unravels and the true nature of the hunt becomes obvious?

There was a time when investigations had a clear direction, a purpose. But alas, it seems like those days are behind us.

Enter Jack Smith’s latest expedition into the Twitterverse, a move that proves the desperation of some to find any sliver of evidence against Trump.

And what’s the juicy detail that makes this entire episode seem like a poorly-scripted drama?

Smith apparently doesn’t even know what he’s fishing for!

Let’s rewind and take a closer look.


Trump, as we all know, was quite the Twitter maestro.

He played its strings in the lead-up to the Jan. 6 events, challenging election results and rallying his supporters.

Now, one would think that if there was something incriminating in those tweets, the whole world would have seen it by now.

After all, they were public, dissected by analysts, and endlessly debated on every news channel.

But no, Smith decided he needed a deep dive into Trump’s account.


Perhaps to decipher patterns or to see if others had access to it.

Maybe he hoped to stumble upon some draft tweets that Trump never sent out. But all this is nothing more than speculation.

The stark reality?

Smith seems to be flying blind, launching an investigation into the abyss of the unknown, fingers crossed that he might just catch something—anything.

Per Politico:

It’s unclear what Smith was seeking from Trump’s account. Trump used the account actively in the run-up to the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, promoting false claims of election fraud, calling his supporters to Washington to “stop the steal” and mounting attacks on his rivals. Obtaining data from Twitter might have revealed patterns about Trump’s use of the account, whether others had access to it and whether there were any draft statements that were unsent.

What this signals is clear: a level of desperation that’s hard to fathom.

A vague, aimless investigation, anchored more in hope than in evidence.

You’d think that by 2023, they’d have a clearer direction or, at the very least, a solid lead.

But as it stands, it appears they’re just throwing darts in the dark, hoping one might stick.

And while this aimless search might provide some with a sense of purpose, it reveals the true nature of this endless quest: an investigation fueled not by facts or leads but by desperation and, perhaps, wishful thinking.

How much longer will this narrative persist?

Only time will tell.

But for now, it’s evident they’re clutching at straws.

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