A 24-year-old playing in a video game tournament had lost his game and his mind. Upon losing and getting into an alleged argument, the young man had left and returned with a handgun. He killed two others, injured nine, and then shot himself in what should probably be listed as a multiple murder and suicide fueled by rage. However, there’s one thing that many may not know about the now deceased suspect. Reports coming in now inform us that the suspect had previously been hospitalized with mental illness related conditions. The shooter was also rumored to be part of an anti-Trump resistance movement. That has not exactly been proven, but it’s circulating the social media posts and also being touted on some blogs. I would have that fact-checked before believing it or sharing it, that way you have it correct. Either way, even if he was or was not part of an anti-Trump resistance, that doesn’t even matter because it doesn’t fix the biggest problem we’re facing with people who commit these mass shooting acts of terror.

Democrats have been pushing very hard for gun control and they’ve pushed around lots of their anti-Second Amendment desires. The Democrats have even taken it upon themselves to blame the NRA whenever someone is killed by a gun, especially when there are mass shootings. Newsflash, the NRA has nothing to do with these crimes that are committed by individuals. It’s certainly time to stop making an organization the scapegoat and talking point of every shooting. Chicago has lots of shootings on a weekly basis and they don’t blame the NRA, so blaming the NRA for something they had nothing to do with is just a mute talking point that warrants absolutely zero attention from anyone with a few working brain cells. Forrest Gump could’ve figured that out by now.

The bigger problem, and one that seems to be ignored by many who are too fixated on the anti-2A agenda, is that there is a really bad mental health issue with our nation and we need to provide bigger and better supports for people who need it.

The Parkland shooter had a bad history and needed help. Now the Jacksonville shooter turned out to have a bad history, according to AP reports, and he needed help.

All of this talk about guns isn’t getting us anywhere when the people who need mental health help are either being ignored or pushed aside to make way for the anti-2A gun control agenda.

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KTUU reported that court “records obtained by The Associated Press show that a man accused of killing two people and then himself at a video gaming competition in Florida had been hospitalized for mental illness.

Divorce filings from the parents of 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore say that as a teenager he was twice hospitalized in psychiatric facilities and that he was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications.

The records show Katz’s parents disagreed deeply on how to care for their troubled son. Katz’s father claimed his estranged wife was exaggerating symptoms of mental illness as part of the couple’s long-running and acrimonious custody battle. They divorced in 2007.

Authorities say Katz killed two people and wounded nine others Sunday before fatally shooting himself at the “Madden NFL 19” tournament in Jacksonville.

The suspect in a deadly shooting at a Florida video game tournament was known to barely speak to fellow gamers and sometimes exhibited an erratic playing style, according to other competitors, who were baffled that their virtual sport could lead to bloodshed.

Authorities say 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore killed two people and wounded nine others before fatally shooting himself Sunday at the “Madden NFL 19” tournament being held at a riverfront mall in Jacksonville.

“It just doesn’t make sense why he would do it,” gamer Shay Kivlen, 21, of Seattle, said Monday in an interview. “In ‘Madden,’ you never get so mad at a loss that you would want to do that.”

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams has declined to comment on what motivated Katz to open fire inside a gaming bar connected to a pizzeria at The Jacksonville Landing, a collection of restaurants and shops along the St. Johns River. Williams said he used at least one handgun in the attack.”

This shooting was a handgun. Another shooting was an assault rifle. It doesn’t matter what weapon someone uses to inflict harm when the bigger picture is being ignored.

What happened to these guys when they were younger? What happened to their mental health that was obviously showing signs of detriment? What potentially damaging and horrible pharmaceutical drugs were they on (if any) and did that contribute to their murderous thoughts and actions?

There’s a lot more going on than just some young white male committing horrible crimes. There is something a lot deeper than the issue of guns and until the Democrats get on board with providing mental health assistance and taking it seriously, then I’m worried that this will happen again.

If it’s not guns, then it will be explosives. If it’s not explosives, then maybe it’s knives. Do you see the point? It doesn’t matter what someone uses to inflict harm. What really matters is that we need to determine WHY people are acting like this. We need to find a way to prevent people from getting to the point where they are so disturbed that they want to harm mass amounts of people.

We need to stop worrying about the gun and begin worrying about our people.

We have a people problem, not a gun problem.

There are millions of law-abiding citizens in possession of guns on a daily basis. If there was a gun problem, then you’d know it by now.

It’s time for the Democrats to admit the truth and do what’s right. It’s time to focus on the person and why they did it, because worrying about an inanimate object is not the answer.

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