What the heck was he thinking? 

At 7:44 pm EST, CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted about the horrible wildfires that are ravaging 3 huge counties in California. Tapper’s tweet talked about the number of deaths so far that are related to the fires. “CNN: There are 10 total fire-related deaths in California at this hour: 7 in Sonoma County, 2 in Napa County, 1 in Mendocino County.”

The CA wildfires are very serious, as this video footage by ABC’s Greg Lee confirms:

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Apparently, Tapper thought it would be a great idea to post this adorable little photo taken in Disneyland, only 10 minutes after he tweeted about the 10 deaths caused by the wildfires. Tapper tweeted, ” Wildfires in Anaheim Hills turning the sky orange to match the pumpkins at Disneyland”

Sorry Jake, but there’s nothing cute about that image when real people are suffering the loss of lives and their homes as we speak. The orange sky is not just a cute backdrop for carved pumpkins in Disneyland. Maybe this visual will put things in perspective for you:

Twitter users, some of whom are California residents, immediately went after Tapper for his insensitive remarks:

Here’s our reply to Tapper’s tweet:

Apparently, Tapper didn’t care for our reply to his tweet, as he promptly blocked us:


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