James O Keefe tweeted undercover footage, which reveals the real reason why Tucker Carlson’s show was suddenly canceled. A Fox News Producer admitted that Tucker Carlson was fired as part of the settlement between Dominion and Fox News. The O’Keefe Media group released footage of the conversation between an undercover journalist and Fox News at Night producer Sean Langille.

Langille- Fox News Producer

Langille shared that while Fox News is not saying Carlson’s firing was part of the settlement, Fox employees are now learning the truth. Langille talked about the 744 million dollar settlement Fox News paid Dominion and said that part of the pay-out was the network firing Carlson,

“They gave them (Dominion) money, part of it–they say it wasn’t part of it–but we’re learning that Tucker getting fired was part of that,” Langille shared. “He (Tucker) did things that cost [the company] a lot of money.”

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Langille went on to discuss the interconnection between the Biden White House and the Dominion lawsuit. Langille talked about Michael La Rosa, the former Press Secretary for Jill Biden, who went on to work with a PR firm to target Fox News and, more specifically, Tucker Carlson as a payback for their negative coverage.  He said  La Rosa left the Biden White House to craft Dominion’s message to the public,

“So he left working for Jill Biden,” Langille shared, “to start this PR firm or work for this firm, whose sole client was Dominion, doing their comms. It’s like, right from the White House, to go work for Dominion. So it’s like when you know those little moving parts, you’re like, ‘everyone’s shady.’ Left the White House to literally go take down the news outlet that was being unfavorable to his boss…No one’s talking about that.”

The footage goes on to show Langille agreeing that Tucker hit a nerve when he talked about Ray Epps and January 6 being an inside job directed by the FBI, ensnaring everyday Americans and placing them in harm’s way, all to target President Trump. Langille claimed Tucker wanted to respond to the Ray Epps interview with 60 Minutes, and the Murdochs, who owns Fox, were not happy about it. He also noted that big pharma is a Fox News advertiser and that the advertisers have a huge pull on the network. Apparently, many advertisers refused to host ads during Tucker’s 8 pm segment because Tucker refused to bend to big pharma, big tech, or the mainstream narrative. Tucker’s resolve is what made him a trustworthy new source for Americans.

His departure from the network has caused Fox News rating to crash. Fans are not loyal to Fox News, they are loyal to Tucker. One Twitter user shared that Fox News’ reliability has plummeted so low that leftists now cite the network in their mindless rants.

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