James T. Harris is an awesome and outspoken conservative. He’s sick and tired of the double standard of the Left. He videotaped a rant on his Facebook page about the “evil” kidnapping and torture of the mentally disabled white teen at the hands of 4 horrible black thugs and talks about what would happen if the races in this horrific act were reversed. He also goes through a series of lies that have been told about black people who claimed crimes were committed against them by whites and were later proven to all be “LIES!”

From the video:

“Let me get right to the point. If a group of white suburbanites drove into the inner city of Chicago, kidnapped a black individual, drove him back to the suburbs, tied him up, tortured him, cut him, forced him to drink from a toilet, forced him to denounce Barack Obama, forced him to denounce black people, and then they released him back  to his old neighborhood and they videod him on Facebook live…All hell would break loose! There would be rioting on a scale that would make Ferguson and Baltimore look ridiculous.”

“The Left traffics in lies and then it motivates disturbed people to act it out. We have Hollywood actors that are saying black people are being accosted in Donald Trump’s name. That’s ass- backwards. That’s a LIE! White people are being attacked because of the assumption they voted for Trump. That’s the reality!” 

“This cannot be allowed to stand!”

“White guilt is the reason why there’s not a more of a reaction to the barbaric action that took place in Chicago. And Black race-holding is why they’re allowed to get away with it. But if this is not dealt with and people do not step up, it’s going to rip our country apart.”  

“This is an example of how the only standards the Left has are double standards…”


James T. Harris’ Facebook page can be found HERE.

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