No, I am not just publishing the same article again, although it might feel like it.

After all, I did bring you this just last week:

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Preparing For High Risk — “Things Go Terribly Wrong”

The reason I'm covering this topic again is because Jamie Dimon just did another interview where HE covered it again.

As many of you know who follow the "Elites" they seem to have some sort of rule they play by where they have to "warn you in advance" before they do anything.

And Dimon is about as "Elite" as they come.

So when I see a guy who was previously Mr. Bull for the US Economy and a man who in 18 years of being JP Morgan CEO never once sold a share of JPM stock....when I see him do a complete 180 and suddenly sell a bunch of his stock (more on that below) and then do interview after interview warning about "Recessions" and "Hard Landings" for the economy, I take notice.

By the way, what a funny little colloquialism: "Hard Landing".

Oh it's just a "Hard Landing".

Translation: everyone who isn't already a multi-millionaire is about to go through something akin to the Great Depression!

Massive job losses....

Wage cuts....

Price inflation....

You make less but everything costs more....

But these people have their cute little term: "Hard Landing".

Take a look, here is Dimon talking about a "Hard Landing":

And here he is talking about a coming "Recession":

Watch the interview yourself here:

From MarketWatch:

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon said consumers continue to worry about inflation even as the stock market hits record highs and some economic indicators remain bullish.

The longtime CEO of the megabank JPM, 1.76% said tailwinds such as low unemployment, record stock prices, wage increases and the rising value of homes have benefited the economy, but higher prices continue to weigh on sentiment.

“The consumer is in pretty good shape,” Dimon said in an interview with CNBC-TV early Thursday. “However, their confidence levels are low, and that seems to be mostly because of inflation.”

While financial markets mostly remain in rally mode, Dimon wouldn’t rule out a recession or an unexpected dive, and he agreed a that hard landing for the U.S. economy is a possibility.

“There are a lot of things out there which could drive inflation. Not today. I’m talking about 12 months or 24 months from now,” Dimon said.

It's not just Dimon though, it's also Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon (talk about a powerful Jewish name!) saying the same thing.

From Yahoo Finance:

Jamie Dimon told CNBC on Thursday that sticky inflation is more likely than many people think. The JPMorgan CEO pointed to the tidal wave of fiscal and monetary stimulus since the pandemic, suggesting it may still be fueling liquidity and driving up asset prices.

Dimon said interest rates, which the Federal Reserve has hiked from virtually zero to more than 5% since early 2022, could rise further — and the world was "not really" prepared for that.

Asked if a "hard landing" or recession were still possible, he replied: "Of course. How could anyone who reads history say there's no chance?"

Inflation has cooled from a 40-year high of over 9% in mid-2022 to below 4% in recent months, but remains well above the Fed's 2% target. The US economy grew at an annualized 1.6% in the first quarter, but that was down from 3.4% during the previous three months.

Dimon said the "worst outcome" would be stagflation — a painful combination of elevated inflation, higher rates, and a recession that would hit consumers and pull down corporate profits.

"The world will survive that, but I just think the odds are a little bit higher than other people think," the JPMorgan boss said, describing his outlook as cautious.

No cuts and a real slowdown

David Solomon struck a similar tone at a Boston College event on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported.

The Goldman Sachs CEO predicted there would be "zero" cuts to interest rates this year. Pointing to signs of weakening demand in recent earnings from McDonald's and AutoZone, he cautioned that consumers are being squeezed by higher prices.

"Everything is more expensive," Solomon said. "You're starting to see the consumer, the average American, feel this."

Steeper living costs have raised the chances of a "real and palpable slowdown" compared to six months ago, he added.

Both Dimon and Solomon have been warning against complacency for a while.

Ok, but now the big question.....what can YOU do right now about it to prepare and stay safe?

Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Here's a sneak preview of the answer, and I'll give you the EXACT details as you keep reading below):

Central Banks On A Gold Buying Spree — What Do They Know That You Don’t?

Before I get into those exact details, I want to show you what Jamie Dimon said just one week ago....

This man is putting out a very clear warning....are you listening?

I am.

Keep reading:

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Preparing For High Risk -- "Things Go Terribly Wrong"

Jamie Dimon is back in the news today, admitting he is preparing for basically every bad scenario under the sun.

On one level, that's just what a good CEO does.

They are constantly doing a "SWOT" analysis and looking for any hidden risk anywhere they can find it.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

Risks fall under the "Threat" category.

Some of the best CEOs are constantly paranoid, constantly looking for anything that could take their business down.

And that's what Dimon sounds like in this clip.

Watch here:

As I said, on one level it's just good business.

In fact, we've warned you plenty ourselves that we too see a MAJOR risk coming in the form of an EMP Attack.

Those details here (and what you can do to prepare) if you missed it:

Here’s Why I Think An “EMP” Is The Biggest Threat To America Right Now

But Dimon is as connected as they come, and some are wondering if he has the insiders playbook...

Does he know what's coming next?

Does he know a big Black Swan event is coming?

I think these are all fair questions:

In fact, it really caught our attention recently when we saw that Jamie Dimon suddenly filed paperwork to sell a ton of his shares in the Bank.

Why is that weird?

Because he has NEVER done that before.

Literally, never before in 18 years.

But now he's cashing out.


Well, inquiring minds want to know.

Here was our prior report (I will publish in full below):

Insider’s Selling (Part 3): Jamie Dimon Sells MILLIONS Of Stock — First Time Ever In Over 18 Years

Insider's Selling (Part 3): Jamie Dimon Sells MILLIONS Of Stock -- First Time Ever In Over 18 Years

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series about Stock Market Insiders selling massive amounts of stock in their companies.

Parts 1 and 2 are listed below in case you missed them:

Insider’s Selling (Part 1): Jeff Bezos Sells $8.5 BILLION of Amazon Stock

Insider’s Selling (Part 2): Walton Family Cashes Out of Wal-Mart!

And now part 3, featuring JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

This is a fascinating one to me because since Dimon became CEO of the bank in 2006, he has NEVER sold a single share --- until now:

That's 18+ years and not a single sale.

So why now?

Why $150 MILLION now?

Is Dimon selling perfectly at the top?

That remains to be seen, but what we know for sure is he perfectly bought at the bottom:

In other words, I'm following this guy!

Here are more details, from the NY Post:

JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon cashed in about $150 million of his stock in the bank — the first time the head of the largest US lender has sold shares since taking charge in 2005.

Dimon, one of the longest-serving chief executives on Wall Street, unloaded 821,778 shares of JPMorgan, according to an SEC filing Thursday.

The selloff is part of a larger plan the bank revealed in an SEC filing in October to sell 1 million of the 8.6 million shares Dimon and his family own.

A spokesperson for JPMorgan confirmed to The Post that “this was the planned sale of less than 10% of his holdings that we announced last October.”

Jamie Dimon in a suit gesturing as he speaks during a Senate hearing on Wall Street firms.

At that time, a regulatory filing attributed Dimon’s trimming of his personal stake in JPMorgan to financial diversification and tax-planning purposes.

U.S. stocks smashed a new record high last week, but the rally may not last for long thanks to heightened risks that the economy returns to a 1970s-style stagflation scenario.
US heading to 1970s-style stagflation, JPMorgan Chase strategists warn

Chase sued over ‘unconscionable and predatory’ junk fees for depositing checks that bounce
JPMorgan shares were up over 1%, to $183.07, in early trading Friday and the firm has a market capitalization of $527.3 billion — the largest of any US bank.

Year-to-date, JPMorgan has already seen its share price rise more than 6%.

Year-to-date, JPMorgan has already seen its share price rise more than 6%. Under Dimon’s nearly two-decade reign, JPMorgan’s shares have increased some 250%.

Year-to-date, JPMorgan has already seen its share price rise more than 6%. Under Dimon’s nearly two-decade reign, JPMorgan’s shares have increased some 250%.
Even after the selloff, Dimon and his family still own about 7.6 million shares in JPMorgan, which has more than $2.5 trillion under management, per the bank’s website.

Dimon “continues to believe the company’s prospects are very strong and his stake in the company will remain very significant,” JPMorgan told The Post in October after announcing his planned stock sale.

Dimon’s transactions involving JPMorgan shares are subject to the terms of Rule 10b5-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, the bank told The Post, which requires insiders to sell company stock by setting up a predetermined plan that specifies a transaction date and the amount of stock to be sold.

So....what should you do?  What CAN you do?

I will repeat what I've said in all 3 parts of this series....I am NOT a financial advisor -- hear me clearly on that -- but if you'd like to get out of stocks and into something SAFER for your retirement, may I suggest that Gold has ALWAYS been God's money?

Gold has never failed, it was money in the Bible and it's still money today.

And a store of value.

So how do you protect yourself?

And your family?

How do you stay safe?'s a nice can you do it with no money out of pocket?  (Yes, really!)

Simple: you need to get some #Gold or #Silver in your own possession.

It's called "physical" gold and silver.

Not paper traded garbage on the stock exchanges that isn't backed by anything.

Don't touch that stuff.

I have two special hook-ups for you.

Both involve PHYSICAL gold and silver.

Because if you do NOTHING else, make sure you own "physical" gold and silver, not paper contracts.

The paper contracts (like stock ticker SLV and GLD) could very well go POOF one day and disappear or go to zero, because they're not actually backed by the gold and silver they claim to represent.

It's a massive game of musical chairs out there and when the music stops (and I think it will stop soon...) people who only own paper might find themselves owning something not worth the paper it's literally written on.

And I know you'll never forget it if I give you this GIF so....Let's Get Physical:

Now...WHERE do you get physical gold and silver and how do you know it's real and safe?

And that you're getting the best price?

Oh, and how about personal one-on-one real customer service?

You know, like you were some Big Wig millionaire at Goldman Sachs who could just call their personal banker and get help?

That's what I'm about to tell you.  

I have two killer connections for you...

The first is for purchasing gold and silver bullion.

That means bulk bars.

That's the cheapest and most economical way to do it, to stretch your dollar into as much gold and silver as possible.

The website is called WLT Precious Metals and when you see my logo in the top left-hand corner, you'll know you're in the right place.

You'll get a personal phone call with Ira Bershatsky (or someone on his team) and they will work with you free of charge for as long as needed to answer any questions you have and get you taken care of.

How about that!

You don't see that much anymore, but Ira and his team pride themselves on good old-fashioned real customers service:

No sales pitch, just real, actual help.

And the best prices you will find.

Here's the only disclaimer I will give you: because they do pride themselves on dedicated service, it might take a few days before you get a phone call back.  Just be patient.

Good things come to those who wait!

You can contact Ira and WLT Precious Metals here.

Ok, that was #1.

Now I want to tell you about option #2.

An equally great company, I am so happy to be working with these guys.

This next company is called Genesis Gold and this is for people who want to purchase real physical gold or silver in their IRAs (Investment Retirement Accounts).

You know what the beauty of that is?

TAX FREE baby!

I'm not a tax advisor, but that's a general oversimplification.

Never pay more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

And that's why I love getting gold and silver in my IRA (and why I hold a large chunk in an IRA myself!).

There's so much to love about Genesis Gold, starting with the fact they are proudly and un-ashamedly Christina!

They call it "Faith-Driven Stewardship" and they put it right on the homepage of their website along with a quote from Ezekiel:

Wealth Preservation With Gold & Silver –
The Genesis Gold IRA

By your wisdom and your understanding you have made wealth for yourself, and have gathered Gold and Silver into your treasuries – EZEKIEL 28:4

Genesis Gold Group believes the Bible gives clues on how man-made currencies (paper money) represent instability, and a lack of virtue and encourages living wastefully in excess.

Conflicts have beleaguered us since the dawn of civilization, and they can all be encapsulated into one battle. The battle is between currency, man-made paper, and gold and silver — the two precious metals found in our Earth’s crust, sent to us by our Lord to use as money. Man-made currency always leads nations down the path to increased war, greed, and ultimate collapse. History has shown that abandoning gold and silver has always been a bad idea. Gold and Silver enforce discipline, nurture self-constraint, self-reliance, and balance, and lead to confidence, a restrained government, and a more stable foreign policy.

Genesis Gold Group believes in empowering faith-driven stewardship with Gold & Silver are an integral part of a balanced portfolio. Protecting your finances with precious metals has never been more crucial during these trying times.

With a combined 50-plus years in the precious metals industry, let your Genesis gold and silver experts guide you through the simplicity of asset protection and growth with our Genesis Gold IRA.


Genesis Gold Group

Empowering Faith-Driven Stewardship

Oh....and they're VERY good at what they do.

You also get physical gold and silver with Genesis, believe it or not!  The gold and silver is purchased for you (in whatever combination of coins and bars you prefer, a picture taken and sent to you, and then stored safely in a vault for you!

I love what these guys are doing.

Here's more on why gold and silver in your IRA are so powerful:

You can contact Genesis Gold here.

They are also very backed up with record demand, so you may have to wait a bit, but someone WILL get in touch with you for personal customer service and assistance!

Tell 'em Noah sent ya!

Oh, and did you know Genesis is recommended by SUPERMAN himself?

It's true.

Superman himself, Clark Kent -- Dean Cain -- came on my show a few weeks ago and we broke it all down:

Watch here:

Stay safe!

Make sure you can weather the storm when it hits!

Because the storm always hits eventually, doesn't it?

As for me and my house, we will be ready. 💪

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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