Three weeks after suffering a medical emergency, actor Jamie Foxx, 55, remains hospitalized as his friends ask for prayers.

Jamie Foxx, 55

On April 11, Foxx “experienced a medical complication,” according to his daughter, Corinne, and was put under emergency medical care.

The following day, the family released a statement saying, “Luckily, due to quick action and great care, [Foxx] is already on his way to recovery.”

“We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.”

Limited information has been released since this announcement, but Foxx is reportedly still being treated at a Georgia hospital where he is “having tests run” to determine what happened, according to a source.

Another source told Entertainment Tonight that Foxx “is healing” and “feels the love from everyone.”

Last week, Foxx’s friend Nick Cannon was granted permission by Foxx to update the public on his health.

Jamie Foxx (left) and Nick Cannon (right)

“I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it’s a beautiful thing,” Cannon said to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s awake. They say he’s alert, so, we love it.”

Cannon also posted a photo of him and Foxx together on his Instagram, saying, “Prayer Changes Things! Living Testament! Let’s all speak complete and total recovery for the most talented human on earth with a Spirit bigger than this small planet!”

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart, who is also a close friend of Foxx, revealed that he has been checking on his hospitalized friend often.

Not wanting to violate Foxx’s privacy or his family’s, Hart told Essentially Sports, “I’ve heard things, but I wouldn’t, you know… I think I am very fortunate to have the relationship that I have with Jamie and to be able to check on him. You know they [are] tight and for reasons just about where he is. Because Jamie’s always been a private person to [a] certain degree.”

“I think the dope thing is that he’s getting better in the situation, and, you know, everybody’s prayers, everybody’s love, energy, all that stuff is seen and felt. So, in this case, you just want the guy to get out of the situation and to get back on it… So my love, synergy, and energy goes out to him. He’s needed. He’s necessary. I know he knows that, and I know that he feels that because it’s been an outcry and output of support in his regard.”

Those close to Foxx are now asking his fans to “pray for Jamie” as the actor continues to recover from the unknown medical emergency.

Foxx himself has not been heard from since the hospitalization but released a brief statement on Wednesday afternoon. The actor posted the following brief message on Instagram: “Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

Jamie Foxx Instagram post – 5.03.23

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