A January 6 defendant, Christopher Quaglin, is at severe risk of dying because the jail is refusing him proper medical care and diet for his celiac disease. His attorney Joseph McBride reports that they’ve “moved him six times since he’s been detained” yet still fails to find a jail that will take care of him.

This report is one of many allegations that January 6 defendants have endured human rights abuses, including being beaten by prison guards, denied proper nutrition, and refused necessary medical attention while in federal custody.

Earlier in 2021, McBride compared the conditions of the J6 prisoners to those of ‘Guantanamo Bay‘, saying they are held in solitary confinement for up to 24 hours a day and treated like ‘domestic terrorists’ by jail guards. One man, Ryan Samsel, was beaten so badly by a corrections officer that he lost sight in his right eye, lost feeling on one side of his face, and even had a seizure following the beating.

Christopher Quaglin with his wife, Moria

Now Quaglin suffers at the hands of jail, having lost almost 20 pounds since December 21 due to his celiac disease. Although McBride has fought for the treatment of his client, Quaglin continues to be without treatment as fears grow that he could die without proper hospital care.

Christopher Quaglin at home with his son

McBride is now demanding that Quaglin be sent to a hospital for emergency medical treatment and is accusing the jail personnel of violating his client’s rights. However, the jail’s superintendent, Ted Hull, insisted that Quaglin is being treated exactly how every other inmate is treated. Hull has referred to McBride’s claims as “fictitious” and holds firm that Quagloin is “receiving the appropriate dietitian designed diet consistent with his specific dietary requirements”.


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