Jane Fonda has been in DC protesting climate change on ‘Fire Drill Fridays’ and is arrested every time.

This week, Actor Joaquin Phoenix is marching with Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon at a climate protest in D.C.  

Listen below as Fonda goes there when she says, “Did we NOT learn the lessons of Vietnam?”

She goes on to paint President Trump and America as warmongers. She’s so wrong.

Fonda even compared the peace protests during Vietnam to the climate change protests…


Fonda insisted that Joaquin Phoenix came on his own:

Joaquin Phoenix talked about how the meat and dairy industry contributes to climate change and that we can make changes to our daily routine to make a difference. 

Jane Fonda said, “I didn’t invite him, he came of his own volition.”

And this is what is seen at the climate change protest:


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