The tyrannical Jan 6th committee doctored footage to change the narrative of what REALLY happened on January 6th, 2021

The January 6th committee is something out of a dystopian nightmare. The extreme overreach they consistently display, coupled with their criminal prosecution of unlawfully subpoenaed witnesses is bad enough, but they lie and spin a false narrative at every turn as well. Nothing which the committee does is ethically or legally sound, yet they are treated as though they are beyond reproach.

The committee in their farcical display Thursday night even went so far as to spin a narrative of violence where there was none, doctoring footage from Nickquested on Twitter to cut out the parts where protestors attempted to save the life of Roseanne Boyland, and where they condemned the Capitol Police for the coldblooded murder of Ashli Babbitt.

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This footage was doctored so as to try and further dehumanize Trump supporters.

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Roseanne Boyland was recovering from a substance problem and had plans to become a sobriety counselor. She was as human as it gets. While Capitol Police refused to grant her medical attention while she was dying, Trump supporting patriots did everything in their power to revive her.

Ashli Babbit, a 14 year airforce veteran, was murdered by Capitol Police. You can see the Capitol Police responsible unceremoniously, disrespectfully carrying her body out while protestors shout their dismay.

Showing any of this would mean lending human qualities to a human movement. This would be a huge blow to the (nonexistent) legitimacy and (already low) support of the Committee. Therefore, they chose to doctor the video and in doing so lie even more blatantly to the American public.

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