As a young man, Bruce Springsteen couldn’t wait to escape ‘blue collar’ America and wear its words like a crooked suit through dark blue collar lyrics as he often bashed American ideals and dreams as painful failures.  Now, after five years of vociferously bashing Trump, calling himself a voice of the Trump resistance, insinuating that Trump is a demon, literally penning an anti-Trump song, threatening to flee America if Trump was re-elected, and stumping for only Democrats for years while bashing their opponents, he has been paid by Jeep in an expensive capitalist Super Bowl ad to unite America.

Does he speak for you? Does he know anything about you?  This guy has never worked a real job that didn’t center around him his entire life.

Bruce Springsteen, who famously wrote the sarcastic anti-American screed, Born in the USA, never really gave up on his Big Government beliefs.  With Biden now fully installed as president, you can see the smile on his leathered face.  Springsteen gained success in youth and likely never worked a real job in his life.  He has numerous multi-million dollar estates, mansions, and tax subsidized farms. Yet, Springsteen still manages to convince millions that he understands the working class who don’t share his narcissistic pathology to be under the spotlight for 4 hours every night just to feel important.

Is this poison toad really the face of unity for American values?  Does he really represent some kind of holy middle ground?  Or, is he better as a representative for petulant children who bully others and stomp off when they don’t get their way?

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Breitbart Reports:

“During the presidential race, Springsteen repeatedly bad-mouthed Donald Trump, at one point declaring that he would leave the country if Trump were to be re-elected. The rocker also teamed up with left-wing activist and novelist Don Winslow on a viral video that used the discredited “suckers” and “losers” story from The Atlantic to smear Trump.

The singer performed during Biden’s inaugural celebration last month. Springsteen endorsed Biden’s bid for the White House, though he acknowledged that the 78-year-old candidate was not his first choice.”

So, the new Jeep voice of unity for America defiantly stated that he would leave America if Trump was re-elected and was a supporter of only Joe Biden.  Does the duplicitous gaslighting make you ever want to buy a Jeep product again? Does Jeep really represent America at all anymore?

People like Springsteen think you are idiots.  They hate the American dream and they write about it in their songs

Yet, Jeep pays them big money for a Super Bowl ads in order to convince you that people like Springsteen want unity and speak for everyone:

In the ad, Springsteen is paid to say:

“We just have to remember the very soil we stand on is common ground. So we can get there. We can make it to the mountaintop, through the desert, and we will cross this divide.” 

Those of us who know Springsteen’s work know that he has always had a dark vision of America.   If you look at his album and song, The River, for instance, it is very clear:  His best work is always about sadness and escaping the American middle, which he so often describes as a soul-sucking “spiritual desert” of failed dreams.

As we will show in the video below, “Springsteen’s vision of America has always been that of a trap to be escaped.”

But, Springsteen loves escaping other things, too–like taxes!:

“The report pointed to Bon Jovi and Springsteen as examples of millionaires who “receive state tax breaks on farm land,” which allowed Bon Jovi to pay just $100 in property taxes last year on his extensive real estate holdings in New Jersey where he raises bees.

Springsteen received farm subsidies because he leases his land to an organic farmer, the report said.

Millionaires enjoy tax breaks and federal grants totaling about $30 billion each year, Coburn said.”

As is the case with limousine liberals, they exclaim the necessity and virtue of big government and taxation while avoiding any of its burdens.

Jeep, which often prides itself on American grit and spirit, has betrayed its entire ethos by adopting an anti-American leather-faced Mr. Magoo as their face of American modernity.

The folks at Blue Collar Logic sum Bruce Springsteen up exquisitely in the video below:

It is true: Springsteen does unite people.  But it is not a unity in adulation for America or its principles.  It is a unity of adulation for Bruce Sprinsteen, good music, and a largely depressing vision of America.  He has made a career out of writing sarcastic dark Anti-American screeds like “Born in the USA” while highlighting a largely depressing whiny negative American beauty on albums like “The River” and songs like Philadelphia.  There is no denying that the music, vocals, and arrangements of his music can be a captivating veneer for this mostly negative vision of America.

It is not unity that Jeep and Springsteen want.

Establishment globalists stole an election and are destroying the heart of this country. Now, believing they have won, they seek to pacify you into worshiping at the barren soulless church they are erecting atop the ruins they’ve left of The Middle.

And, they call this Unity.

No legitimate church pays Bruce Springsteen to be its pastor.

Don’t Buy In

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