In 2016, Bruce Springsteen held a free concert for Crooked Hillary, before that, the dyed-in-the-wool Democrat supported Barack Obama’s candidacy.

After Joe Biden became the Democrat presidential candidate, 70-year-old Springsteen immediately threw his support behind the 77-year-old lifetime politician.

Biden wasn’t Springsteen’s first choice. The rocker who preached “unity” in his recent Super Bowl ad admitted his desire to see the country move even further left, saying, “If we want to have the America that we envision, it’s going to need some pretty serious systemic changes moving leftward.”

During a virtual interview with Down Under media outlet, the aging rocker also threatened he would move to Australia if President Trump is re-elected.

Thanks to an election that many Americans still believe was rigged, the candidate Springsteen (like most of America0 wasn’t crazy about, is now in the White House, which is good news for the left, because now the hard left rocker who threatened to move to Australia if Trump won, doesn’t have to move before his DWI court date.

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LA Times reports- Bruce Springsteen, whose already-high profile shot even higher Sunday with his “The Middle” Super Bowl ad for Jeep, was arrested for driving while intoxicated in a New Jersey recreation area last November.

The “Thunder Road” rocker, 71, was hit with three citations during his Nov. 14, 2020, arrest, for suspicion of DWI, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area, a National Parks Service spokeswoman told The Times. Springsteen was “cooperative” during the process, she said via email.

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The Boss has a court date in the next few weeks, according to TMZ, which first reported the arrest Wednesday. It was unclear why the news was revealed only now.

MSN reports – Jeep has just released a statement explaining why they removed the Springsteen. Jeep said in a statement Wednesday that it pulled a controversial Super Bowl ad featuring Bruce Springsteen from the brand’s social channels, following news that the rocker was charged with drunken driving in his native state of New Jersey several months ago.

The Jeep ad featuring Springsteen on Youtube has been removed. The phony ad can still be found on Springsteen’s Instagram account:


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