“She was asking if a 15-week old unborn baby is a human being. It’s not a difficult question.”

Fully avoiding the actual question, Jen Psaki re-words a reporter’s inquiry to suit the administration’s agenda. she then moves along as if no one would notice.

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Her refusal to answer the question posed by a reporter should surprise no one. The alleged “Catholic” White House occupant is used to taking pre-screened questions from reporters that are selected well in advance of any press conference. Ms. Psaki simply skirts questions she doesn’t want to answer directly, by re-wording, deflecting, and circling back. Can’t have all those pesky facts getting out to the little people.

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Nancy Pelosi was asked if a 15-week-old baby is human, in a press conference just last week. Her answer, which always starts with a lecture on how many children she’s spawned (blah, blah, blah), was more vomit-inducing than Ms. Psaki’s:

Pelosi Won’t Admit An Unborn Baby Is Human, Claiming Her Experience As A Mother Of 5 Gives Her Standing On A Woman’s Right To Choose

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