During the White House press briefing today, Jen Psaki gave a very lame answer to why Joe and Jill Biden walked through a posh DC restaurant last weekend without wearing a mask. Video of the couple out on a reported date night showed the Bidens walking through and then out of a Georgetown Italian restaurant (see below). This comes after Biden brazenly ignored the mask mandate during an appearance in Connecticut last week. He walked through the crowd shaking hands and hugging people with no mask on.

While this administration is all for little kids being masked up all the time, the elitist Democrats do whatever they want to do.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy said, “There is a mask requirement inside DC restaurants, yet President Biden and the First Lady were not wearing masks.”

Jen Psaki tried to excuse away the elitist behavior of Joe and Jill Biden: “Of course there are moments when we all don’t put masks back on as quickly as we should.”

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The elites in politics are exposing themselves little by little. They aren’t honoring the mandates they put in place. It’s almost as if the mask mandates are just meant for the little guy and not for the elitist politicians. What does that tell us? Maybe those elitist politicians telling you to fear the virus don’t actually fear it themselves.

Joe and Jill Biden walked through posh Georgetown restaurant Fiiola Mare without wearing a mask. This goes against the city ordinance to mask up. Clueless Joe has a mask in his hand as he walks through the restaurant.

Leaving the restaurant without a mask:



Photo of Joe Biden at the 9/11 20th anniversary ceremony:

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