Jerry Nadler told everyone today what the impeachment of President Trump is all about when he made the claim that the president must be “brought to heel”. The only danger to the country is the out of control Democrats who are trying to destroy our president.

Keep in mind that the day after President Trump was elected, Nadler was overheard on the Metro train saying the Dems need to take Trump out. Mollie Hemingway overheard Nadler talking on the phone bragging about how he should be the one leading the impeachment against Trump.

This is all about control:

“The President is a danger to the country……and must be brought to heel”

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Mollie Hemingway: “Fun reminder that Jerry Nadler revealed his impeachment plans (for both Kavanaugh and Trump!) in my presence on the Amtrak from NY to DC the morning after Election Day in 2018. For those who think this is about a 2019 phone call w/ Ukraine or something…”

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When Rep Nadler couldn’t make the impeachment hearing, Jamie Raskin substituted for him. Raskin is in the video below in January of 2017 claiming he will probably have to impeach President Trump:

Think Democrats are “solemn” about impeaching President Trump?

Here’s Dem Rep. Raskin two days BEFORE Trump was even inaugurated…

This was their plan from day one.


Raskin is another lying politician:

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