House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler made the claim he was “preoccupied” when he mistakenly called Hope Hicks “Ms. Lewandowski” three different times during a face-to-face interview before the Judiciary Committee.

What is wrong with Jerry Nadler? This is one of many big gaffes (see below) he’s made as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

When the transcript that was released today by the Judiciary Committee came out, the repeated gaffe was exposed as was Nadler’s arrogance towards Hicks.

Hope Hicks corrects Nadler who responds with “I’m sorry, Ms. Hicks. I’m preoccupied.”

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Nadler then refers to Hicks as Lewandowski again in an arrogant tone of voice:

What could Nadler be preoccupied with?

He is the one who summoned her to be interviewed so what else could he be preoccupied with?

For the entire transcript: HOPE HICKS


Watch, as Chairman Nadler turns the committee vote into a three-ring-circus, refusing to allow the minority party to vote.


Nadler passed out recently during an appearance with the NYC Mayor increasing questions about his health. Calling Hope Hicks, “Ms. Lewandowski” over and over is also concerning.



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