Jesse Watters focused on the elephant in the room in Afghanistan during a segment on Fox News Primetime. When Biden suddenly withdrew troops, thousands of military weapons were taken by the Taliban. It’s being reported that billions in equipment including Blackhawk helicopters were taken. Why have we armed our enemy? Nancy Pelosi brushed off the loss (see video below).

The CEO of describes the huge cache of weapons that were taken. It’s stunning.

All of this was avoidable. The question of why the withdrawal was done this way needs to be answered.

Clueless elitist Nancy Pelosi was flippant when asked about the deserted weapons:

Nancy Pelosi tries to spin the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan during a local interview with San Francisco’s KPIX. This is classic Pelosi.

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Watch the videos below where she praises Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal and then is flippant about the military supplies abandoned in Afghanistan.

“Well, first may I just say that I commend the president for the action that he took. It was strong, it was decisive, and it was the right thing to do. We should have been out of Afghanistan a while back. Unfortunately, one of the possibilities was that it would be in disarray as it is…But that has to be corrected.”

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Pelosi tries to brush off abandoning billions in military equipment in Afghanistan:

Pelosi is the poster child for term limits.

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