Isn’t this a clever idea? It’s so clever that world leaders like Angela Merkel are bringing in the masses in the middle of the night to avoid press and criticism…Do you think Obama has also done this? We’d have to say that Obama is bringing “refugees” by the thousands to America from the Middle East BUT he’s doing it right out in the open. Refugee Resettlement agencies get paid per-refugee so this is big business!  Is America a human trafficker now? Refugee Resettlement Watch has more information on flying in so-called “refugees”. Here’s one snippet from their latest article:

“Zeze Rwasama’s Idaho nonprofit gets $900 a head to meet Syrian refugees at the airport and help them adjust to their new lives in America.”

We have been hearing information about night flights coming to America but cannot say with 100% certainty that it is happening. What we CAN confirm is that Obama is flying in plane loads of illegals from South America. This is well documented but the press chooses to ignore it:


To facilitate the often treacherous process of entering the United States illegally through the southern border, the Obama administration is offering free transportation from three Central American countries and a special refugee/parole program with “resettlement assistance” and permanent residency. The new arrivals will be officially known as Central American Minors (CAM) and they will be eligible for a special refugee/parole that offers a free one-way flight to the U.S. from El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras. 

Speculation has been rife that the country is ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport, fueled by the fact every night numerous planes from Turkey are landing (see below)

Flughafen Köln Bonn

Led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European country has agreed to take in 28,600 migrants under various agreements.

Of this figure, 27,000 – out of 160,000 – will arrive in the country from Italy and Greece.

In a second agreement between Turkey and EU, 18,000 migrants from Syria will be distributed across the continent, with Germany’s share of the total standing at 1,600.

Since last year’s flood of “refugees” into Europe, border closures between various countries have all but cut off the flow of migrants into Germany by land. Austria in particular is no longer cooperating with the migratory imperative — it has built fences and installed border controls at the crossings from Slovenia and Italy.

The German government is evidently determined to make Brecht’s sarcastic poem a reality: they are now flying in the migrants secretly, by night. The regime seems bent on abolishing the German people and appointing a new one.

It sounds like something out of a paranoid fantasy, but here’s the story from Kopp Verlag.

Late at night: The federal government is pushing refugee masses through airports

by Markus Mähler

Officially, the refugee crisis in Germany is slowing down: less and less of them are walking on the Balkan route; one sees hardly any special trains or buses. No wonder: Apparently they travel by plane. Neither seen nor known about, one charter flight after another is landing at German airports.

They board the chartered planes in Turkey and in Greece. They land in Germany late at night. They are then distributed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) by buses to the reception centers.

It was reported by several Kopp Online tipsters, who observed the buzz at German airports. So far, German media aren’t reporting it.

Just one look at fight schedules of August 8th shows: From half past twelve, the “rush hour for refugees” begins. Airplanes from Turkey and Greece land almost every minute.

The intensive landing continues through the night and ends only around six in the morning. Below there is just an example from the Cologne-Bonn airport: during the day there’s merely one flight arriving from the eastern Mediterranean. No wonder: tourism is downright destroyed due to the many terrorist attacks. At night, however, there are no fewer than eleven flights:

00:30 Heraklion (Greece)
00:55 Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55 Adana (Turkey)
01:25 Izmir (Turkey)
01:55 Antalya (Turkey)
02:40 Antalya (Turkey)
02:50 Antalya (Turkey)
03:55 Istanbul (Turkey)
04:10 Marsa Alam (Egypt)
05:30 Istanbul (Turkey)
06:05 Izmir (Turkey)

On the display boards at the airport their destination is marked as “Unknown”.


At Hannover airport, at night, between 1:35am and 6:15am there are six arrivals from: Burgas, Heraklion, Izmir, Antalya, Antalya, Ankara. A reader reported to Kopp Online that at Dusseldorf airport planes are also landing late at night.

Then the planes take off again, but on the display panels the destination is marked only as “Unknown.” Anyone who tries to look at the official plan for the airport Dusseldorf won’t find anything. Between midnight and 6am there absolutely no flights, nothing — officially.

Another reader reported Kopp Online:

“Here in Wunstorf there’s an airbase for the Bundeswehr. For some time there have been more and more civilian flights landing and taking off there, and afterwards, dozens of busses leave the venue. We have often asked ourselves why there — where otherwise no passenger jet ever landed — there’s all of a sudden so much activity. There is no reason for a passenger plane to land in Wunstorf. Unless you want to hide something from the public.”

On Tuesday, the busy landing goes from 12:30am on. An example again, this time from the Cologne-Bonn Airport:

00:40 Thessaloniki (Greece)
00:55 Istanbul (Turkey)
00:55 Adana (Turkey)
01:25 Izmir (Turkey)
01:25 Istanbul (Turkey)
01:50 Adana (Turkey)
02:25 Antalya (Turkey)
02:40 Antalya (Turkey)
02:45 Antalya (Turkey)
02:50 Antalya (Turkey)
04:20 Ankara (Turkey)
05:35 Nador (Morocco)
06:05 Izmir (Turkey)
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